Hanging Around – Slink Updates

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Slink Hands and Feet Utilities HUD

I have been running all over the place the past week wearing the same outfit, because I haven’t had a moment to change, and also it is just perfect. I saw these shorts at Uber and just fell in lust with them. Not only are they perfect cut off denim shorts, but they have all the loose threads modeled in actual mesh, not just textured…incredible detailing from Blueberry. These were made just prior to the HUGE Slink updates, in which the body, hands, feet and head all have had a large amount of incredible features added. So the fit is still fantastic, but I had to make sure and use both groin options on the body hud to be sure of perfect fit. Everything else was spot on, so just double check that before you leave the house.

The shorts come with two options, with or without coin belted look, because the event has a BOHO theme this round. I love both, but with the addition of the amazing leather jacket from Ison that is at this round of C88 – ending soon – it didn’t work with the belt. This jacket is amazing, and comes with the tshirt inner. The jacket comes with a hud that has 7 tshirt settings, the only way this could be even better is if there was a no shirt option, even if just made transparent by the hud so that you could wear it with other items. The detailing is superb, and Ison really never lets us down in terms of style and a real finger on the fashion pulse.

I picked up also these great shoes from Uber by Pure Poison. They are so clunky and just how you want your boho accessories to be, I just need a fabulous oversized bag now and I will be good to take on any day.  The shoes work with the Mid Slink feet, but also include options for Maitreya feet, as well as a brown version.

This gorgeous hair is from LeLutka, and comes in all those great new textures. I am so loving the range hud, so many fun colours that you may not wear usually, but when mixed in with more natural looks, it is almost a must for people that do take a lot of pics, or do a lot of ‘looks’ in their SL or just because, some days you wake up and need pinkish hair to get through your day.

One of the great new features in the SLink items is the NEW Utilities hud that works for hands and feet all in one. This thing is great, because it can minimise and just stay on my screen full time, then whenever I need to do anything there it is. The huge bonus, especially for those that like to play with their nail polish is that you can now select ANY NAIL and apply polish to it, and double win is that all older huds will still work. Meaning that every nail hud you own now has the capacity to give you thousands of nail look combinations. I am dreading how long it is going to take Whimsy to get ready for anything now :P.
Another great feature in the hud is that you get to change your wrist or ankle size on the hud, so now you only have one pair of feet or one set of hands in your inventory, not the previous five sizes of each. This is perfect for people that change not only their clothes but also their shape depending on their needs, could be that you are an amazon some days, and a pixie others, this way one set of each and you don't have to colour match for other looks. 
My favourite part is also the OFF functions for the wrists and ankles. Now if something is made incredible narrow at the wrist or ankle, you cannot clip through it, you just turn them off and VOILA you are perfect. If you have not updated yet, be sure to do so by using the Redelivery thing at their store. If your items are older as some of mine were, just contact Slink Resident.

The Heads have also now got Make Up layers, which is going to just make your ability to look different so much greater. Layers can now be added to by creators that do not only make skins, so those that love doing face tats, scars, adding a beauty mark here or there, and make up of course, can all get creating.

I released 10 new huds for Flair, that have a definite slanting towards mixing and matching the nails options. I am wearing some of them in this post, as I combined the black solid with a gold art set. Also in the older huds you had toenails or fingernails huds, sometimes combined, but either way, either hud will work now, so you do not have to wear both to access the nails you want to focus on.

Other NEWNESS because of the updates are the Glitter face make up that Adam n Eve has done, which also has specular maps, so it actually glistens with advanced lighting on. Eyeshadow and lipstick is also all Adam n Eve on top of the YS&YS skin, so now I am a Hybrid, so cool.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

oyasumi – hanging table

Poses by:



Ellis – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Frida – YS & YS 

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Mid , Physique Body, Visage Head – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : YS&YS

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 231 – Flair

Eyeshadow, Glitter, Lipstick appliers for Visage – Adam n Eve 


Honor – LeLutka 


Ripped Denim Shorts – No Belt – Slink Physique Version – Blueberry @ Uber

Serino Leather Jacket – Ison @ C88

Shoes :

Boho Platforms (Slink Mid Feet) – Pure Poison @ Uber