Avatar Enhancement – Slink System

Slink Hands NEW Nail Lengths (Only works with Avatar Enhancement System) Updates Available see blog for info

Wave Nail Add On HUD (for Slink Hands)

Rhine & Rose Nail Add On HUD (for Slink Hands)

Pansy Nail Add On HUD (for Slink Hands)

Adam n Eve Appliers HUDs


AnE Feet Appliers

League Hud

League Feet Appliers 2

League Feet Appliers 1

Tuli Appliers for Slink feet and hands

Tuli Feet Appliers for Slink Feet 1

Tuli Feet Appliers for Slink Feet 2

Tuli Hand Appliers for Slink Hands

The system is now released, notices have not gone out yet, but the REDELIVERY Terminals are ready to go. SLink has just released the NEW updated Avatar Enhancement versions of their Feet and Hands. This means that now with the NEW system you can purchase appliers from Skin, Clothing and Accessories creators that will work with these items.

The first stores to already have skin appliers for the feet are Adam n Eve, League and Tuli…following this weekend will be Izzies and Pink Fuel, with Belleza also creating appliers.

The avatar enhancement versions will NOT tint. They do not have a hud for tinting but do have NEW NEW options. The first that made me overjoyed is the Nail Lengths. There are now short, medium, long and pointed nails to choose from with this new version. The HUD is simple and you also get a basic nail hud with some lovely french polish options.

The hands will not only work with Skin Appliers, but you can also purchase Nail Add on packs (so far Adam n Eve has made some) that will allow you to change the textures of your nails no matter what skin base you are wearing. You can even create your own, by applying for a developers kit. You can also do this if you make skins, or clothing, as there is also a STOCKING layer now with the feet.

The hands have all the same gestures as previously released and the most exciting part of all of this is that this is an UPDATE. So you do not have to purchase the hands or feet again, just purchase appliers from your favourite stores.

The feet look fantastic now with skin applier options, while I didn’t have issues with tinting my feet in the past, I do like seeing familiar to me feet, such as the Adam n Eve, League and Tuli feet, all skins that I have worn for years, so seeing their skin making skills on beautiful mesh is a joy. We also now have a stocking version. Adam n Eve has released a four pack of stockings, and it was a painless experience, just use the hud for stocking visibility and then the applier hud to choose the colours and bam, you are ready to go.

The skin and stocking appliers work for both flat and medium height feet, so do not worry about that. Tuli has also done an amazing Henna HUD for hands and feet (which is on her own skin layers) which is incredibly creative, and shows that you do not have to be a skinner to achieve this. You could use the stocking layer to make adorable tattoos for your feet or hands.

Demos are available in the stores now, and if you have previously purchased the feet and hands and the items do not show up in redelivery, just send a notecard to Siddean Munro and she will send you the update, same with transactions made on marketplace.

Remember to use these appliers, add on huds and all the great new items that will be coming soon, you have to be using the avatar enhancer versions of the hands and the feet, these will not work with your regular versions.

Avatar Enhancement Customer Info and Slink Website for more information 

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:

Shaken Winxbox – W.Winx and Flair 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Bethany – Adam n Eve  (Hand and Feet Appliers for SLink feet and hands)

Isla – League ( Feet appliers for Slink feet)

Elyse – Tuli (Hand and Feet appliers for Slink feet and hands)


Vibrato – LeLutka 


Vex Dress – The Plastik 

Stockings – Adam n Eve (with stocking appliers for Slink Feet)


Fabric Platforms (Add on shoes for Slink Medium height feet) , Natural Bare Feet, Medium Height Feet – SLink 


Nail Add on Huds – Adam n Eve (for Slink hands)

Mesh Hands – SLink