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Leather 1

Leather 2

Leather 3

Lace 1

Dayglo 1

Loft 1

Loft 2

Loft 3

Loft 4

Loft 5

Leather HUD

Lace HUD

DayGlo Fatpack HUD

Sneak peaks are funna. This is the soon to be released for League item, that will be a feature at Whore Couture Fair that is about to begin in a few days. The list of designers is huge, you can see it HERE. One thing I always love is a great corset, and these new ones by League are greater than great, they are divine. Not only are they beautiful and unique in style, but they also have options that give you many ways to wear them, and definitely make them a must have item. You will be able to wear them casually as I did in the firts pics, more adventurous, girly like, or with a club vibe…whatever takes your fancy, they will work.

I have taken pics of the HUDs as well, as the three styles have different options. First off the leather, they come with the straps down, one up one down, or sleeveless. Then you have all the studs options metal wise, as well as off. LOVE THAT !  Then there is the Lace version, which only comes in three colours at the moment, but I am sure there will be bigger releases on those and the dayglo after the event. The Lace version is more detailed than the leather. The options with the sleeves is the same, but with the added bonus of black trim, or brown trim, or no trim. Then there is the different boning options in both trim colours, or no boning at all. Then also the studs or no studs etc.

Then you have the Dayglo, which is also only three colours so far, but the bonus if you buy the three in one pack, is that the sleeves will change to the other colours, so that is even more options wise…these are gorgeous, and in all three variations, I adore the uneven bottom, and the straps are just gorgeous and alluring. The other item being released is the ADD-ON skirt. This beautiful silky skirt comes in many colours, and fits perfectly under the corset, to make either a contrast look, or an all in one dress. There is also a hud for the skirts that lets you change them from clean to dirty, which is really like an ombre look at the bottom. You will be able to see all that in the demos I would expect, but definitely mark your calendars for the day the fair opens, because it is going to be HUGE.

Also part of the post, is the new furniture set by The Loft. I love the pieces in this set, the natural colours, and the woods. They worked so well with the brick of the Lofty Skybox I have featured in the past by Elate. The Dunham Living Room Set comes with so many pieces, and you can purchase them all independently  the Ottomans are gorgeous and the animations in them are just fabulous. The Loft has been creating such beautiful work for many many years now, and being able to see this evolve into mesh items has been a treat. I cannot wait for more, and even if you buy it a piece at a time, or mix it into sets you already have, it is always superb quality.

Even though all my pics were taken over the whole night at various hours, and make no sense with each other, I loved getting more and more excited about the different looks I could achieve with the corsets. The great hairstyles by Exile didn’t hurt either. The first style is their My Attic release called Love Shack, and it is such a beautiful updo, kind of a hybrid hive with a twist – sounds like a cocktail.

The other item that made me feel all saloon girl of the past dressed in the present, was the new Precious Bow choker by BOOM. I also love and applaud Aranel for calling the non scripted versions CHOKERS because seriously, still to this day the stupidest thing ever to come out of someones mouth to me in SL was ‘ You can’t wear a choker in SL Sasy because it will look like you are a collared slave ” that still makes me mad and laugh at the same time. I love chokers, always have, so yay on this one being named properly. It also comes in a billion colours as usual for BOOM.

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:

Adorkable Poses 

W. Winx & Flair 

Props :

MPOP WinxBox – W. Winx & Flair – My Attic @ The Deck/February

Furniture :

Dunham Living Room – The Loft 

Building :

The Lofty Skybox – Elate


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Isla – League 


Love Shack – Exile – My Attic @ The Deck/February

Crazy In Love, American Woman – Exile 


Nyx Corset Leather, Nyx Corset DayGlo, Nyx Corset Lace, Nyx Corset Skirt Add On – League – Whore Couture Fair COMING SOON 

Flare Jeans, Leather Skinny Pants, Couture Leggings – Maitreya 


Allure – Maitreya Gold


Precious Bow Choker – BOOM 

Teardrop Gemstone Set Onyx – Yummy

Mesh Hands – SLink