I had a great morning playing Tera with Mel and Whimsy this morning, we also met this guy there who had never heard of Second Life. So while riding along I was filling him in on all the wonderful charitable things that the Second Life community does, and a little bit of info about what Second Life is. One of the things that has a huge wow factor, especially with the charity aspect is not the total amount at the end of an event, but how that total is achieved. We all know how currency works in second life, but when something is only a percentage of the total, and the total price on an item is sometimes not even to the value of a full US dollar, it is absolutely amazing. I remember when we did the first ever Another Fundraiser, raising thousands of dollar with the money come in at 50L at a time, that was a huge eye opener into how many people are involved in the process…the customers, the creators, and the organisers, all doing their utmost to do good, it really is something that needs to be discussed more often out in the real world.

Mind you after hours running around Tera in the hot desert sand, in a red bikini –  oh yes, that is how I fight monsters, can you tell Mel got a little excited by the buyable costumes in the game…he even got Whimsy a full leopard print catsuit, because she loves leopard print – I was relieved to come back into SL and get some work done. More often than not though, I am in a bikini in SL too, as it is my in-between wear. So I wanted to acknowledge that today, as credit is definitely deserved, my go to bikini and 99% of the time worn, is the Ellio bikini by BOOM. Ok so what was I saying ? because honestly my train of thought these days is more loco than locomotive.

Oh yeah, so I got back in world to do some work, and then once done, jumped on the VR Studio and took some pics. I have been wanting to wear the Gwen skirt since I saw it downstairs at My Attic. The skirt just looked so cute, and it looked in the great ad that Lexi did, like it would be kind of flicked up or something I decided in my head. So once on I saw that yay, it was really girly and reminds me of the cheerleaders uniforms and how Faith from Buffy flitted around in hers in Bring it On – yes I do know her actual name, but she will always be Faith. I matched it up with the great leather shirt from ISON for Collabor88 this month, and the two together are just brill to me.

Then from there I got all carried away with myself, and added the Britney hair, which is by Esk-imo and has these really cute streaks that you can texture change with the hud that comes with. Once I had the colour picked, I had to add even more, so on came the rings, and this time I wanted the Hai Hai lovers rings by Epoque to have a real date, so I paired them up, but I was naughty and I think I paired up two that aren’t paired up in the packs. So you will just have to either get them all, or choose which lovers you love best, they are so damn adorable though I think all is a good idea.

Now we are starting to Rock Out, and with that thought in mind I reached for the new Memory necklace from EMO-tions. The necklace I remembered was lots   of chains and skulls and stuff so that worked. I love how long it is too, kind of over the top, but in that great way.

A new store opened up the other day called Goucci, yes the name made me smile too. I think if you are going to name your store after a real life brand, even if spelled differently, you have to either go the complete opposite and be all ironical, or make sure that your items are in keeping with the idea. From what I have seen so far from a new mesh brand, they aren’t being ironic, and their items are really lovely. I am wearing the leather tote, and it even has a hud for the front panel that can change to either soft pink, this silver or black…so that worked out perfectly for my look. It also has a forearm hold in the bag, I do wish however it had a second no pose option, so that if you want to move it around and carry it in your hand or on the other arm it would still work. Maybe that is something they will consider in the future.

Lastly the skin I am wearing is another of those great Laurel skins by Glam Affair at C88 that I mentioned the other day. This one has the more dramatic eyeshadow, but again, perfect for the look, and definitely something to add to your skin collection.

Make sure you get over to My Attic @ The Deck as soon as you can, as it ends on Thursday night, C88 still has another week after that, so go back and check things out again, you don’t want to miss the savings.

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:

Adorkable Poses 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Laurel 03 – Glam Affair @ Collabor88/Feb


Britney – Esk-imo at My Attic @ The Deck/Feb


Gwen Skirt (part of set) – Stellar at My Attic @ The Deck/Feb

Detzel Shirt – ISON @ Collabor88/Feb

Ellio Bikini – BOOM


Allure w/Socks – Maitreya Gold 


HaiHai Rings Che & Lico – Epoque at My Attic @ The Deck/Feb

Leather Tote – Goucci 

Memory Necklace – EMO-tions

Mesh Hands – SLink