As mentioned yesterday Celoe are about to release their Fall 2012 collection, and I promised that I would wear the new Chardonnay slacks without the upper part completely covered up by the Coco top/mini. I still didn’t manage to get them completely shown, so I guess I will just have to wear them again another time, which is fine with me, because I really like the style and cut of these pants a lot.

The darting at the front adds character and the length is perfect for any of the feet in shoes styles with straps that are higher than or sit at the ankle, such as the new Maitreya Gold Suave shown in full yesterday. My other favourite of the collection is the Maru Jacket, which is a shorter version of the Maruca that Whimsy is in the process of taking pictures of right now to show you. The style is classic, as is the whole collection, made up of lovely staple pieces that will be worn over and over again, this jacket has a timeless look to it, and has a very subtle hint of military coats of the English in WW2 and that is even stronger to me at least with the beautiful roast colour which is the brown shown up close.

The coat is wool and heavy looking, such realism is so beautifully produced with these mesh items, now that we don’t have shoulders separating from chests and so on, as we did with sculpts. The bottom half is also full enough to fit over many pant types as well as skirts, so not only does it fit perfectly over the top of the Chardonnay pants, but also the Lolong Trousers – previous Celoe release, the Dade slacks and also the pencil skirts from Maitreya, which most likely means it is going to fit over just about everything.

The lovely soft clutch I am wearing through this post is another one of the great items at this months FaMESHed by Leverocci, the corners have gold or silver options, and the clasp is so realistic their metal detailing is wonderful. The bangles I am wearing are also at FaMESHed and are by Lavallie, which tickles me as a name…I am convinced it comes from My Fair Lady and the song shown HERE .

The bangles actually come as one attachment but I made a copy and added to make the double stack, then tilting the top one just a little bit for a touch of realism. Also the bangles are modify, so they have been tinted by me to be closer to the colours worn…YAY for mod, you have to be careful when doing this though, as you don’t want to lose any baked on texture detailing in the item, it doesn’t always work well. I am looking forward to seeing more mesh accessories from both Lavallie and Leverocci – I am now going to sing that song in my head all day.

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Poses by : Adorkable Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Isla – League 


Athena, Cachet, Jolie (non rigged) – LeLutka 


Maru Jacket , Chardonnay Slacks – Celoe (COMING SOON)

Lolong Trousers, Jet Sweater – Celoe 


Suave – Maitreya Gold 


Eun Bracelet (tinted) – Lavallie @ FaMESHed/November

Soft Clutch – Leverocci @ FaMESHed/November

Aletta short necklace – Gossamer Jewelry 

Mesh Hands – SLink