Choose your own adventure – LAQ

Saga 1

Saga 2

Saga Lips

Saga Lips

Saga before and after lipgloss

Saga before and after lipgloss layer

Saga Eyes 1

Saga Eyes 3

Saga Eyes 2

Eye MakeUps

Saga with Elle Layers

Saga with Elle Layer tattoos

Elle with Saga Layers

Elle with Saga Layer Tattoos

Elle Lips

Elle Lip Layer Tattoos

Glam Affair with LAQ Elle and Saga

Glam Affair with Saga and Elle Layers

League with LAQ Elle and Saga

League with Elle and Saga Layers


I have always craved what has hit the grid today, the idea of different possibilities, a “Choose your own adventure” if you will. The concept has come from LAQ and it is the NEW Essential skins Saga and Elle. The skins come not only as stand alone skins, full faces but also the lips and eye make ups are buyable separates. The skins themselves come with tattoo layers , the tattoo’s differ between the two skins, which is a great incentive to buy both and mix and match as that is the whole idea.

You can build your own face, adding the layers from one to another, and so on. The Saga skin for me needed some shape tweaking, which has never happened before, but I am happy with the outcome and it didn’t change me too much at all on my regular skins, so it was minor tweaking. The Saga skins layers include Mouth, Birthmarks, Lipgloss, Eyelids, Eyebrows and Nose, and the Elle comes with Eyebrows, Eyelids, Lipgloss, Mouth and Nose. As you can see in my pics I mixed them all around as much as I could for the shots, I actually could have gone further by combining the lot of them together and so on, but wanted to show you the attributes of each individual part.

Then I went a bit further, because as I said this has been something I have thought about being a thing in the past. What if they worked on other skins too? well they do, and they do incredibly well. So this not only enhances your ability within the skin line itself to be unique, but you can take the pieces to other brands and play around with them. In some cases the tones may not work, but that is the glory of the demo. I took Glam Affair and League and added the pieces to them and WOW, so much fun. The brows also looked great, but I didn’t use those as there was a touch of darker shading above them on the side, and that is totally something I could deal with myself, and especially as hair would cover it up, so I didn’t include it, in case anyone didn’t read and thought it was a flaw.

Even the glosses of the lips on the opposite skins add something really amazing to them, changing them only enough to be really lovely, but without taking away the charm that is intended for the skins mouth and how it was intended. The Elle skin is a very Asian influenced skin, and Saga has more of a Caucasian look to it. Whether you are in the mood for a whole new skin, or just wanting to update the one you are in, seriously go and grab the demos of everything in the new Essential Line, because it is beautiful and the body as usual for LAQ is just divine.

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Poses by : oOo Studio Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Essential Saga and Elle Skins and add on tattoo layers – LAQ 

Lillith – Glam Affair 

Isla – League 


Hairbase , Swish Bun (edited to be larger) – LeLutka


Ellio Bikini – BOOM


Mesh Hands – SLink