Ride Along – Collabor88 Zodiac New Hair and Leather



Shorty Short Shorts



Kate Flats

It certainly is a big one, it comes with 6 pictures, 14 crashes and a partridge in a pear tree. But for me it was worth every minute. Today the word was spread around that it was Gyorgyna Larnia’s Birthday, but that is not the only creator having a Birthday today, it is Minnu Palen’s Birthday as well, and her and Thora are partying it up rl right now, and I send all my love their way. So Happy Birthday to both Minnu and Gyorgyna and everyone celebrating a special day today.

Many of the accessories in this post are from LaGyo to help celebrate, and one of my favourite items is the shield rings, these rings were the first oversized rings I ever really coveted in Second Life, as soon as I saw them I was smitten, the size, the texture and the fact that there were two styles in the set. Lagyo and Gyorgynas style and creativity has just blossomed so much over the years, and I cannot wait to see what she does with the remainder of the year, as this year was a very important one for her RL wise, and she dedicated much of her focus to that, and now, she can get into mesh and wow us all. Such as she has done with the beautiful Mothers Pearls necklace, earrings and big ring for Collabor88/September, so pretty and colour change options that worked so well with the Sitari colours.

Another creator that has been a great creator to watch for fun styles and great blend-able fashion, is Emery designer Sunami Beck. This latest mesh release is really beautiful, the bags are stunning, and the leggings and other items are great for mixing and matching. These contrast leather leggings have a great shape, beautiful colours, and have a lovely insert of black leather that gives them a jodhpur influence that is way cool.

The tied front top I am wearing is from Monso, and that is mesh but not rigged so it is resizable in edit..the top does not come with an alpha layer, so you will have to definitely decide when trying the demo if it is going to work for your shape or not. It is a really cute top and goes great with the leggings.

That lead me to the Sitari set, wearing the top with the leggings and then moving onto all the pieces that are currently available at this months Zodiac event ‘Virgo’. You must make the effort to stock up on your Elymode now while you can, as Elysium is going away soon, so we may not have any new newness for a few months, so buy everything and pace yourself until she returns. The set has a wheat influence print on the socks – as an option – but I went without seeing as I was wearing boots too high to see them really anyway. The top comes with two lengths, and the micro skirt with mesh insert is as usual sexy as. The cinch is from a much older release, and brings the top and the skirt into another look. The Sitari set also has shorty shorts – if you don’t wear the mesh insert, as well as underpants/boyshort style – as an option of wear, which is great. Her colours are magnificent and really pop as always.

Collabor88/September just started, and if you hadn’t heard it now has its own sim called 8 8 (make sure you include the space) The highwaist shorts are by Ingenue for the event, and wowza. The style of them are so very Ingenue, and the colours are great for mixing and matching with so many items, but I went with some old items from Whippet & Buck, as they complimented the looks so well. I especially love the bow waist belted look to these shorts, and I hope there are plans for different colours and varieties in the future, a pair with that double front buttoned vintage look would be outstanding.

The kate flats are the latest release in mesh by Elate, and look so cute with the shorts and a few other bits and pieces, such as skinny jeans and well just about anything really. They come in 18 different colours and have the solid or striped leather options, I am torn as to which one I like better, the stripe are so cute, but solids do work better with everything.

Lastly the hair, another fantastic release from Exile, these styles and the colours are just great. I was having to stop a few times today to let people know where it was from, which is always a good thing. When Whimsy and I go shopping she calls us 3D bloggers, because then people can see in person what things are, but with mesh not being inspectable it does mean having to IM people, so if you do ever see us around and you are curious, do not even give it a second thought, IM away… and regardless who it is, never be too shy or hesitant to IM someone and ask, to me it is a compliment of their style, and if they don’t wish to share the information, then take their pic and ask in Fashion Emergency group lol that’s what so many do anyway.

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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Poses by : Diesel Works, oOo Poses 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Shyla – Belleza 


Already Gone (M), Fade Into You (M), Believe Again (M)- Exile


Mesh Leggings Contrast Leather – Emery

Hetty highwaist Shorts (M) – Ingenue @ Collabor88/September

Sitari Skirt, top, socks(@ Zodiac/Virgo), Ava Cinch top – Elymode 

Tied Top (M) – Monso 

Kate Blouse, Liliana Cap Sleeve top, Lambda Bikini – Whippet & Buck


Kate Flats (M) – Elate 

Fringe Cowgirl boots, Studded Long Boots (M)  – J’s 

Provence Riding Boots – Mon Tissu


Mothers Pearls Necklace & Big Ring (@ Collabor88/September), Pan Collar, Shield Ring, Floral Blind Mask, Adriel Necklace & Earrings – LaGyo 

Sihone Mesh Bag, Lenore Mesh Clutch – Emery 

Love Rocker Necklace (M) – Maxi’s

Classic Nails – Izzies