Pony Pride

Pony Pride

Important : Dearest Mesh Creators, please when packaging and creating your items, make the item you have created attach to the location it would normally be if a sculpt or prims. Such as chest, pelvis etc. So far this week no less than three times I have been out and worn a bag to unpack and lost an item of clothing. Hand is not an attachment for clothing, yes we have the add option now, and we have multiples etc, but we only use add if we are aware of already having something on that layer, and I will never assume my hand is a location for my clothing. Also on a side note, if you do find your clothing does attach somewhere it shouldn’t you can change the attachment point by choosing a new one, and if the item is rigged mesh you will not have to edit in any way at all, so this procedure takes all of 3 seconds, but doesn’t mean designers shouldn’t do it first 😛

Hi all, I would love it if you would consider Voting on this Jira I made regarding Group Spaces. The Jira is asking that the Lindens make the groups we own for business, not count against group spaces. Anyway, other than that it has been a lovely morning so far. First off I ran around with Whimsy doing some shopping, but then I fell in love with my hair, not the hair itself, even though I do love the style, but this is LOVE LOVE for the new texture pack.

Ploom has added the Pony Pack to their collection of great textures, and this is not a new concept for them, those that were die hard Deviant Kitties fans, will remember that they did packs like this years ago, so it is just awesome that they have brought back the options. I really liked the blonde based ones, but as soon as I put on the reds it was squee worthy, then the amazing plum tones are just gorgeous also.

The colours went superbly well with the leather pencil skirts from Ricielli, these are high waisted, and really lovely texture work, perfect shading and just very elegant looking. At the moment for Easter, Ricielli is having a huge 20 Egg Easter Hunt, and trust me I have never ever gotten through a hunt so fast. There are 20 items scattered throughout the sim, and each one contains amazing items, each egg is set to sale for 15L each so thats a 300L investment for 20 amazing items. Lots of Mesh and all sorts of items. The Mini Top I am wearing again from Ricielli is a great top for highwaisted clothing, not only is it a lovely style, but the way it is constructed alludes to the idea that more of it is tucked into the skirt and the top is puffed out, I really like the effect.

One of the great things about mesh, other than the obvious movement and detailing, the textures look amazing. Now we can have things such as sequin look as incredible as they should, and the sweater I am wearing is definitely wonderful in Mesh. Also with prints mesh doesn’t distort as textures and sculpts can sometimes do, so this tank from Baiastice is lovely, I really like the colours, but also the print, it is very peacock looking. The colours go great with the Lost Eden Cross necklace from Maxi Gossamer. I am also wearing my new cuff bangle from Leverocci, that has texture change cuff, and these fantastic over sized chunky stones.

Also from Leverocci are the Mesh boots I am wearing. These are modifiable, so you can resize if needed in edit, I did have to play with them a bit to get the right fit around the backs of the calves and even had to move them a smidge or three. But worth it as they are great looking, but definitely DEMO DEMO DEMO.



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Poses by : Frozen Panty Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Natasha – LeLutka 


Anarin – Ploom


Elade Tank – Baiastice 

Pencil Skirt Leather, Sequined Sweater/black, Mini Top – Ricielli


Nappa FO Boots – Leverocci


Poisoned Necklace Silver – Glow Studio

Flower Belt – Toki Doki

Round Nails Teal Plain & Scarlett Plain, Stone Encrusted Cuff Onyx – Leverocci

Lost Eden Cross Necklace – Maxi Gossamer

Yuse Bag – Ricielli