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Wear Gray for a day starts April 6th 2012

I counted down the minutes until the early access time was upon us. Wear Gray for a Day 2012, is in its final stages of set up, and I had the pleasure of getting in early so that I could share some information with you all. This is an incredible event, that was started by Sanura Snowpaw, with the added help of Arora Zanzibar – both very passionate about this cause-  they have organised a simply wonderful event. The builds are lovely, the set up is great, and there are a huge amount of things going on during the occasion. You can get all that info on the website.

There are special vendors set up for this event, where 100% of the items goes to the charity, so be sure to check out all the goodies in those first, so that your spending goes to a worthwhile cause. I have a friend, he was a good mate as we say down here, he was actually one of my best friends boyfriends, and we used to chat for hours whenever we spent time in the same space. Then they started living together and he changed, he was mean, so mean that I never left their flat without crying. I couldn’t understand why, it was so upsetting. This went on for nearly a year, it seemed at the time like a lot longer. He got the flu, and was sick for a few weeks, and didn’t seem to be able to get rid of it, then one day while walking home he passed out, one minute walking next minute waking up on the pavement. Again they thought it was being weak from the flu, but they decided to check into it, the Doctor did tests and so shocking was that there was a tumor. He was operated on and it was removed, and he was lucky, so lucky in fact that while all this was going on they found out my best friend was pregnant.

He got better and they got to have a beautiful boy together. He also stopped being mean, so I got my friend back as well. I am so grateful for all of that, the fact that my friend made sure he sought help, that his Doctor didn’t just say go home and take two aspirin and get over it, but did tests, tests that saved his life. It is definitely also things like the American Brain Tumor Association that Wear Gray for a Day is supporting that go a long way to educating and helping those that have conditions like he did. So please, make sure you attend and do your bit to help, because every day with the right funding, these charities are getting closer to real breakthroughs in medicine and helping support those that need it, when going through such awful illness.

I took pics of all the stores that were already set up, and I made slurls for them all as I went. You can see that there are amazing stores involved and giving of their talent. Also this event had so many stores that were new to me, which will make this definitely a fun event to explore.

I am wearing a mix of items from Wear Gray for a Day 2012, the pants are a hybrid Mesh and texture mix from Elymode, their donation item. The hair also a donation item is from Discord Designs and is a beautiful braided mesh style. The cardigan which I love and had on when I arrived is from Ison but at Fashionably late the event at the Chic sim – last one there before it closes so be sure to check that out also. The poses I am using are from Wear Gray event, made by Frozen Panty Poses, funnest name and wonderful poses, make sure you grab them all. The eyelids and lashes I am wearing are MESH and from SLink, the closed lids are so wonderful for pics, and are tintable with ease, they start off with a skin base, colour, and I tinted them a colour colour so that they blended in with make up from the skin. So much fun, looking forward to using them more in the future.

Wear Gray for a Day runs from April 6th through to April 22nd. It’s a gathering of SL designers from across the grid of all styles and genres, coming together for two weeks of fundraising to raise funds to go towards the American Brain Tumor Association to aide in the awareness, research and in aiding those that suffer from brain tumours/cancer.

Wear Gray for a Day was first launched in Second Life in 2009 by Sanura Snowpaw, who had lost a close family member to brain cancer. She started Wear Gray in honour of his memory, and to help raise funds towards various Brain Cancer Research foundations. So far since 2009 Wear Gray for a Day markets have raised over $3,000 USD to various research foundations. This year we hope to go bigger and better.

Show your support and come shop at the Wear Gray market this year and help us support the American Brain Tumor Association. Every store has at least 2 items that are 100% of proceeds towards the fundraiser. There is also a sim wide hunt with hunt items costing you 10L and all proceeds from those will also go towards the charity. To locate the hunt items , look for a hunt sign in front of stores. Those hiding hunt items in their store will have a sign out front to make it easier for you.

There will also be live entertainment daily, check our blog – – to check the entertainment schedule.


Wear Gray Landing Point



The Plastik 

Eclectic Firefly

Zanzibar Creations



Beach Street Home & Garden


Star Crossed Weddings 



Eclectic Apparel 


Love me Brutal 



Fly Lily Poses

My Dear Skin Store 




MOCK Cosmetics

Sigma Jewels

Pink Label

Glam Affair

Weekend Salvage 

Piddlers Perch

RezIpsa Loc

Larnia Kids

Vicarious Vitae Kids

Wall Candy

Magnifique Poses

Cilian’gel 1920’s

Vengeful Threads

House of RFyre

Razorblade Jacket


Dreams in Digital Art

The Hidey Spot


My Precious Fashion House

Bang Poses


Singed Feathers

Ho0ligan Streetwear

RnB Designs Furniture

Phoebe Piercings and More



Gothic Passionate Dreams

Grey Moon


Beauty Killer

Blue Blood




American Bazaar

Cracked Mirror

Weather or Not


NVious by GG




A Netherworld

Banana Banshee



Enchant3d Emporium

Discord Designs




Je Suis


Dark Goddess Designs





Bells Boutique

Vanitas Vesture


Frozen Panty Poses

Embody Shapes & Poses

Silken Moon

Jazmyn D



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Poses by : Frozen Panty Poses @ Wear Gray 2012

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Mesh Eyelids and Lashes – SLink

Skin Worn:

Natasha – LeLutka 


Ohna Hair MESH – Discord Designs @ Wear Gray 2012


Jolee Capris (Part Mesh) – Elymode @ Wear Gray 2012

Simple Tank Purple (Hunt Item) – Somnia @ Wear Gray 2012

Kimono Sleeve Cardigan – Ison @ Fashionably Late Event (Final One) 


Treaders – Maitreya 


Love Sick Ring – Pididdle  @ Fashionably Late Event (Final One) 

Rosy Manicure Nails – Leverocci