Apartment is Living

Due to What’s New SL, I am fortunate to get to stores I otherwise would not find. While I was there, I was ooohing and aaaaaahing constantly at the amazing builds that were available to view in a dome location. You get to tp to it from the actual store, which in itself is adorable. Whimsy has me hooked on houses, she changes hers usually every other week, and with all of the incredible events that happen throughout the year, I often amass great piles of furniture and home decor, which I just love to bits.

So with the help of Whimsy Winx and all of these great pieces, I was able to decorate a truly wonderful home. Often in SL I see the query about apartment living, and there are thousands of skyboxes around SL that some think fit that category. But when you see this build up close and personal, and I do encourage you to, you will see that this is definitely how apartment living should be.

While the outside is an illusion, there is no door, and you want to really believe in the ideal that you are only one of the apartments in the build, it is done in such a wonderful way. Also it is built high, so that the lower portion of the build will fit into any Terra-forming that you may not have control over, allowing for hills, and such, and one of the stand out things about the build, is that the beautiful trees come with.

FA - DEER - Outside

When you first rez the French Apartment, and it is so perfectly named, you will find that it is rezzed in a huge box, this is for privacy in the sky, it is not linked to the build, so you can of course delete it if you are setting up on land, or you could probably change the shape to a sphere and make it a dome surround, your choice. You will need to make your landing point inside of the apartment, as I said no doors – not outside anyway – so if not setting home, then definitely make a landmark, or maybe even hide a TP system in the trees for personal use.

As I said Whimsy and I furnished it together, and I just love it, so I will have to tidy up all the mess in the sky so I can save some prims lol. In the pics you can see each room from the foyer, which has double doors to show the pretend entrance. Now if you don’t want it to stay fake, the build is all mod, so you could in fact make those doors go to the outside and vice versa. The apartment is also copy, so don’t freak out if you make a mistake.

There are other stand out features I just loved about the build, all the builds by DEER actually, first off the windows OPEN, yes there you have it actual opening and closing windows. I was only remarking to Whimsy last week why is that so rare in SL – I know it has a lot to do with prim limits etc, but this whole build is only 436 prims with accessories, 324 without, and I have seen far primmier houses with so much less going on.

Not only do the windows open, but as do the shutters and all of the doors – funny that – but another stand out feature other than the doors having handles that are in the right place, is that the apartment has two bathrooms that are actually kitted out with sinks, toilets and in the main a bath. So yes again you could mod them to be other things, but it is nice to have that realism added to the mix. The other is the kitchen, the cupboards and sink in there are actually also part of the build, again unlinked and modify or removable if needed, but I loved the pink curtains so decorated with the help of Artilleri’s wonderful appliances to match.

But lets go room by room shall we.

Entrance/ Foyer :

Double doors alluding to an entrance inside of the main building, off to the left is the first bathroom, with toilet and two sinks for efficiency in the morning. I added a really beautiful hallway set by What Next that was released awhile back, it is so cute, and the wellington boots add a great touch. The framed pics also by What Next – part of a set – I used a few times throughout and changed the images to other fabrics I had, from Insight Designs and Kyoot. The rattan pieces are from Lisp, and having mirrors directly opposite your front door is good Feng Shui, keeping bad spirits out.

I really love the size of the foyer, it – as do all the rooms – has beautiful high ceilings and you really feel like you are entering something amazing.

FA - DEER - Foyer

Living Room :

Double Glass French doors lead into the living area from the foyer.  The gorgeous lounge setting is again by What Next, this was actually part of their Vintage Fair release and has the most wonderful poses set into the sofas and ottomans. The great thing about it other than the gorgeous colours and texturing, is that it is also mod, and due to the size being a little too small for me as well as the room space, I was able to stretch all the pieces just a smidge. The dandelion theme is just adorable, and I even remember being little and fascinated by these flowers. I incorporated another set from What Next into the look, the Sophie chairs are all sorts of retro goodness, and they mix well in this colour with the cushion fabrics of the sofa, and the wallpaper colour which is part of the house – I did not change any of that, it is perfect. Whimsy and I incorporated pieces from Lisp such as the side table and coffee table, the beautiful Chaise Lounge is from The Loft, with other bric a brac pieces and the stunning wall art is Kyoot.

FA - DEER - Living Room

Kitchen & Balcony :

Through from the Living area, you have another set of double french doors that lead into the kitchen. To the left as in the Living Room there is another small balcony, but just enough to fit a cafe table and accessories like this perfect croissant and coffee one from Tranquility Way Station, there were more parts to it, but a bit too cluttered for the confined space. As I mentioned the cabinetry comes with the build, so rezzing the most recent of stoves and fridge from Artilleri, I was able to choose a pink closest to the curtains, and then YAY mod, tint them to be ideal. The cookware also from Artilleri already had the exact pink in its texture change menu. More beautiful additions from Second Spaces, Lisp, Wrigglesworth, Dreamscape Decor and Cluster.

FA - DEER - Kitchen

Dining Room :

You have two options for the dining room entrance, the single door at the end of the foyer, or the double open entrance off the kitchen, one for guests and one for the host/ess I imagine. The setting from Second Spaces is the really lovely Mismatched Dining set, nearly all of the dining area is that set, and it really fits the ambiance of the room and apartment well.  The chalkboard is texture change, and there are many different things written on it, so fun. Kyoot backdrop textures were added to the What Next frames for a splash of colour in keeping with the ones in the furniture.

FA - DEER - Dining Room

Upstairs landing :

Oh curved walls how I love thee, this would not have been an easy thing to do for the builder, but the effect is a delight. Also in keeping with the architecture of the time, and fluidity is key in a home. This area was a bit too sparse, so I kind of built up with crates from Lisp and then added some cushions to the spaces, so that it would seem practical and decorative at the same time, would also work for bed linen and towels if you didn’t have built ins…mind you only matchy matchy pieces, or it would be blech.

FA - DEER - Upstairs Level

Whimsy’s Room :

I asked Whimsy to decorate her own bedroom, this way it was her charm and aesthetic and we have usually such similar tastes, but bedrooms are very personal things. She is traditional definitely as you can see, her beautiful big bed, and vanity table. Then eclectic with her splashes of print in the chair, and crazy Christmas tree arty thing. The bed and dressing table are from Cherished, the cherry wood in them is just stunning, and the inlaid carvings. She is a hoot when it comes to crazy reality in SL though too, see the laundry basket at the foot of her bed, and the foot spa at her chaise lounge, and many of you will remember her own blog post many moons ago of her vacuuming her house, yes these are things she really does. RC Cluster was her porn. Also other items from The Loft and Kyoot with some Lisp as well. I especially love the wall art tree with framed pictures, I even appear a few times on there with her…YAY.

FA - DEER - Whimsy Room

Sasy’s Room :

Ah my room, this is my dream room. I am a Pisces, and watery fishy stuff is my bliss. I used some nautical items from What Next such as the bookcases and seating bench, that is all one piece, but does come as separate ones also. It was perfect with the Mathilde craft items from Lisp, the table and basket. The record turntable and speakers etc, are all Lisp items and were part of Collabor88, you definitely need to attend that monthly because the Lisp items are always amazing. Another chalkboard this time from What Next, and again menu driven for textures, I couldn’t go past the cute hearts, they just complimented the room and that cheesey as all get out picture on the wall. That was part of the Mr and Mrs set from Lisp as are the incredible novel lamps by the bed, so cute.

Now the bed is genius, and would totally determine the whole look. This is made by the incredibly talented Thaumata Strangelove and is from her store Grindstone, it is so awesome, and I just love it. I found some string garden lights with starfish from What Next, they had a few different colour combos, but the gold and white was subtle enough to go with the walls, they don’t jump out at you, but are a delightful surprise when you realise they are there.

There is a main bathroom off the main bedroom with big brass bath, and the other double doors go to a smaller room, which could be one hell of a fashionista closet, or even a nursery, but I opted for an office for now. With office pieces from NotSoBad. Probably a bit more modern than the rest of the decor in the apartment, but one has to be professional, it would also be a great den/Man Cave lol.

FA - DEER - Sasy Room

The French Apartment is just divine, and there is a French House version also. The items can be purchased on Marketplace, but I advise visiting the store as there is a 5% Group Discount if you join and buy from those vendors. You may need to buy from the store ones not the rezzing ones, so be sure to check first for any signs in the store regarding that. I hope you check out DEER, because the builds are just wonderful, and the prices for the work are excellent. Oh and there are some houses that actually have a pull down cord in the ceiling that unfolds an attic ladder, it will make you squeel.



French Apartment Home – DEER 

Living Room :

What Next
Headhunters Island
The Loft
Cheeky Pea
Foyer: (bathroom comes with apartment)
What Next
QQ Creations by Quilla Quinnell
Fabric in frames by Insight Designs
Kitchen & Balcony : ( kitchen cabinets come with apartment ) 
Tranquility Way Station
Dreamscapes Decor
Second Spaces
RC – Cluster
Wrigglesworth @ Tableau
Dining :
Second Spaces
What Next
The Loft
Fabric in frames by Kyoot
Upstairs Landing: 
Sasy Room : ( En-Suite comes with apartment )
What Next
Office : 
Whimsy’s Room :
JD Mechanical Toy Factory
Melino Style
The Loft
Essensual Design
CAS (Casandra Jackson