Birds of Flight


I totally realised at 6am this morning that I had forgotten to sleep. Having done the huge post on the fabulous French Apartment already, I decided to hold off on posting the next post until I awoke…I seriously don’t even know what timezone I sleep on these days, it has definitely become very Sasy GMT as Beauvoire used to say. I am so in love with Mesh, how it moves and how different it is after all these years.

Whimsy and I went dancing on Christmas night, it is a tradition for us, and even though we have seen Mesh in action on vids and stuff, and have actually also danced a little at home in it. Nothing compares to going to a club all dressed up and watching others, and not having prims stick through your body. It was wonderful fun.

So today I am wearing some of the New Maitreya Mesh items. I have been waiting for these for months. The first look is a basic look, but both items can be dressed up further. The leather leggings are incredibly tight fitting, in RL you would need some talc – tries not to think of that episode of Friends and fails lol – the colours are gorgeous, and especially the olive. What I liked too is that they hug the hips, and the detailing is just superb. I was totally excited when I realised too that if you choose the knee socks option on the Moxie heels, then they fit perfectly with the pants, as the scrunched socks portion vanishes. So snuggly socks with shoes for winter, but of course the sockless version is perfect too for summer or to be a tad sexier for a night out.

The sweater is draped low at the back, and you can see my bra back strap, I have had to always wear bra and panties now with Mesh items, as alpha does not always load fast for people and I am not in the habit of public displays of nakey. I like that though, because otherwise you would be obviously all loose and stuff. I have always loved Maitreyas backless items, her Mirli sweaters were the reverse way in past years, and I do hope that they consider doing the Mirli look in Mesh in the future.

Highwaisted pencil skirt love, the Anais skirt is divine especially for those of us that have always been big supporters of the system skirt in SL. I also wear the other style of skirt with the insert, and I do love the ease of that look, but with the added high waist and fitted slim belt, the all round look when the right fit, is definitely stunning, and seems to have a more tailored finish. The skirt comes with either polka dots or these birds in flight looks, and they are just lovely. The blouse is perfection, with the peter pan collar, and its slight billowy sleeve, the blouse also comes with the added waist attachment, of belted goodness, but without it fits as a tucked into skirt look, that is all win.

The Cul de Sac dress is a firm favourite of the collection, I didn’t take it off for days, just swapped colours. The bow is an option, so you can wear without. I wanted a little more to the look so I added the boyfriend shirt also from Maitreya underneath. As well as the shirt, I am also wearing the Westbury mini from Mon Tissu, this is also mesh and is one of the insert style skirts I mentioned, were instead of the mesh wrapping the whole body, it relies on the system pants layers with an insert between the legs in mesh. This is genius and Mon Tissu were the first to my knowledge to release this concept.  The dress does have an alpha layer, but I am not actually wearing it, I found that my AO was ok for the most part without it, and the only thing that poked through on occasion was the blue of the skirt, but I can still wear the alpha for a better fit if I change ao’s – as I do usually daily.

The hair is all from Exile, two of the styles are the newest creations, and the one on the left is for MEN, but I am keeping it for me, because it is GORGEOUS, and the autumn texture I am wearing it in is a new favourite, it is just stunning up close, so demo demo demo hard core, his new textures are dynamite. The style in the middle is adorable, and the one on the right is just lovely as a casual updo for looks like this, or more formal affairs.

The skin I am wearing is from LAQ and was a Christmas gift to the group subscribo matic. So if you aren’t in the group I suggest running over and joining and seeing if you are lucky enough that it is still there, if not then stay in the group anyway, as it is good to know what is going on release wise.

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Poses by : aDORKable

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Ebba [Peach] (DB) Christmas Gift 2011 – LAQ 


Andrej, Jeanne, Colette – Exile 


Leather Leggings, Athena Sweater, Anais Skirt, Silk Neck Tie Blouse, Cul De Sac Dress, Boyfriend Shirt (not Mesh) – Maitreya (MESH Section) 


Moxie with Socks – Maitreya Gold 

Charlie Boots – Treads 


Leather Satchel - Maitreya (MESH Section) 

Byzantine Necklace (Unisex) – Essentia @ The Deck