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Radical Reptile Leathers
Radical Soft Leathers

I have always vocally and secretly wished that the events that are around SL were monthly instead of weekly. Reason being it would give more time to the designers to go with their vision, but also would give people time to discover the items/events, as well as have the rest of the month to explore the stores that they come across at these events. It would also give everyone time to wear the things that they purchase lol.

One event that has done just that is Collabor88, a fabulous monthly event with some amazing designers, old and newish. The quality is always exceptional, and the range is enough to have me spending thousands in minutes, as was the case two days ago on the 8th when Collabor88 opened it’s doors for the 3rd month I believe – it could be four but anyway. Each month is loosely themed, and you can find everything from poses, skins, clothing and furniture to hair and shoes. If you are a Skin lover it is definitely an event to visit because with almost all the items being 88L you can pick up some incredibly beautiful skins at that price. Last post I showed a Tres Blah skin from the event, and this time it is a Fashionably Dead one. Both are hand drawn and beautiful. The skin comes with different coloured brows, and there is a wonderful mix of make ups available. One thing to point out though, as you all know I am a very vocal blogger about skins having a bare down there option, because of the way clothing has gotten so low in the past few years, as well as sheer lingerie and so on…this skin is not bare, so make sure to demo, but to be honest it is purely a wear with clothes kind of skin for me anyway, and at the price it is amazing.

Also from Fashionably Dead at Collabor88 are the plaid pants I am wearing, they actually come with boots and a belt as well, but I went with just the pants. They only come on the underpants layer as they are supposed to fit snug to the legs inside the boots, but with layering options and such, this is not an issue anyway. I really love the plaid print on these, and there are two other colours also available, so make sure you grab yourself a pair, because with winter knits they will look awesome.

The blouse I am wearing was a past release from Zaara. The Shyla blouse is a voluminous sleeveless blouse that has a really sweet collar and drawstring with beading. The options are wonderful, with either gradient, floral or sequined to choose from. These could easily look sweet and day wear, or move seamlessly to evening wear and sexy. With the long layered hair from Exile, this is a really nice look for anytime.

Down to the feet now, the long awaited first MESH release from Maitreya. Not under the gold label, the Radical Mesh boots come in Soft leather or Reptile, and can be found in the shoe department of the Mainstore. The shape is stunning, and for slouch boot lovers the detailing and leather choice is amazing. The boots are very reminiscent of the past slouch style boots from Maitreya, but with the MESH detailing ability just shining through. When you compare these to their past sculpted boots you really can see how talented the designers are, because what they have been able to achieve in the past, only makes the future drool worthy. I especially love the height of these boots, they fit under the Celoe lolong pants actually giving enough of a lift for the pants bottoms to leave the floor. The heels are incredibly high and thin, with the front platform raised enough to not make this an issue at all, as the front of the foot would be amply supported…these things are so important when presenting a shoe to shoe lovers RL. They come both rigged and unrigged, so for posing the unrigged at times will be very handy with poses not determining the movement of the foot…but the rigged of course for normal wear are just great. The unrigged version also means you can resize them if needed, and there are plenty of sizes to choose from so DEMO DEMO DEMO.

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Poses by : PDA @ Collabor88

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Bird Skin – Winter 6 – Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88


Abelia – Exile 


Plaid Pants – Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88

Shyla Blouse – Zaara 


Radical Boots MESH – Maitreya (located in older shoes department Mainstore )


Simple Polished Cuff – Whippet & Buck