In a Sack in a Sack

Kittens in a sack

Kittens in a Sack, Kittens in a Sackkkkk my bottom looks like kittens in a sackkkk *sings*. I am sure I have said this in the past about Mesh, well if you weren’t paying attention it is how I describe the look from behind as you move in really well shaded and rigged MESH. By Kittens in a Sack I of course mean playfully as they climb under things and explore whatever they find when they are just little kitten bundles of furry goodness.

I told Onyx about this a while ago, and I was pleased to be able to tell her today that she definitely reached Kitten in a Sack level in the Newly released Nolita dress. The style is just beautiful and simple, the fabric choice soft and body clinging, just the way MESH is supposed to look against the skin. The scoop almost boat shirt neckline is lovely, and the length is just shy of reaching the tops of boots, which is awesome for layering or showing some skin. The dresses come in either solid colours or you can get one of the four – for now 😛 – triple block coloured versions, which are also very cool for accessorising.

One of the accessories is also the new leather satchel bag also Mesh by Maitreya. The bag comes with rigged or not rigged options for the shoulder, and then also forearm attach and hand attach for extra fun. There are great colours available, and the rigged one has a looser fit so that you can layer with sweaters and coats for the upcoming cooler weather. The Jewelry I am wearing is the latest glasses and earrings from Glow Studio, now these are not shown as they come, they are actually animated, but I turned off animated textures in develop menu so that you could see them static and also so I didn’t start clucking like a chicken. The effect when turned on is amazing though, they are called Club for the fact that in a nightclub atmosphere it looks exactly as it would if beams of coloured lights and spotlights were whirling around the room and reflecting off your so cool fashionista shades.

I am also wearing the Collabor88 item by Anya Ohmai, a fabulous Faux Fox in black, which also comes in white and ginger red. This fox stole is superb and whether worn casually as a neck warmer or more formal with a gown or frock, it really is a must have especially at the price, so do not miss out on this, as it is only that price until Jan 7th. Enjoy all the goodies, and have a wonderful Sunday night 🙂 .


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Poses by : PDA @ Collabor88

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Natasha Skin – LeLutka 


Uma – Maitreya 


Nolita Dress MESH – Maitreya 


Radical Boots MESH – Maitreya 


Club Earrings & Club GlassesGLOW Studios 

A lil foxy – OhMai @ Collabor88

Simple Polished Cuff – Whippet & Buck

Leather Satchel MESH – Maitreya