Geez Louise

Treading Softly

Another post from me, that’s two in 7 hours :O shocking I know. But I couldn’t wait to show the love for these items a day more.

The boots I am wearing are the latest MESH items from Treads. You may remember Treads from Shoe Fair, they did those amazing crocodile loafers that were all the rage, and in such incredible colours. Well the Charlie boots are done as well, and with such rich full colour options it is impossible not to want them all. The pastel especially will go well with the recent release of the Weekend  Traveler bag from Mon Tissu. They are also rigged MESH, so you will have to try the demos for sizing. At first I thought I was the SS size, but the MS ended up a better fit overall. There are different options in each size, so be sure to try them, they are just gorgeous, and you get three colours per pack and they change by clicking the right toe. They are must have boots for the upcoming cold weather, and you will find it awfully hard to have the winter blues in these.

Now when I think of new shoes/boots in SL naturally I think of Anessa Stine, which then leads to DCNY, so it was a natural path to the clothing I am showing today. The Wool Mini Dress is a sexy short dress, with a sophisticated collar and lovely knit. It can as I am showing be worn with or without the skirt option, very easily especially with Mesh pants such as the Xui trousers from Celoe that I just had to wear again.

The dress actually has no sleeves, but I am showing first on the left with the Lyn Cardigan MESH also from Celoe, that has a wonderful shape and fit, with the knit being in keeping with the overall look. Another great knit is the Poncho that is part of this years Peace on Earth hunt item from DCNY, so be sure to get that when you can. All about knits and boots, the bolero I have on is from Ruxy, I saw this on the What’s New SL website yesterday, and took notice of the great colours…then as soon as I saw the sulfur colour in the Charlie boots it was a TP straight over to grab the similar colour.

I am using the brand spanking new Firestorm Mesh viewer, Whimsy was reading me the pro’s and con’s and I uploaded it too. New updates always make me nervous because when I find a viewer that works, I am like a dog with a bone, do not try and take it away from me. But yay this one is wonderful and not only is it mesh, but it has new features, one being that you can now do multiple search terms in inventory, such as for the scarf I have on – even though I knew exactly where it was and its name – I typed Maitreya + Scarf and voila, two folders down and I had it – due to the fact that they have made more than one scarf. This is a great feature, and if it is on all viewers, designers may have to start including the proper names for things, such as shoes, boots, hair etc in the final names of items.

The hair I am wearing is Colette from Exile, a beautiful up do with lose tendrils at the back that will look stunning with a backless dress. The poses I am using are from Geez, the more you buy the more she will make I think, so get to it :P.


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Poses by : Geez

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Jewel – Curio by Gala 


Colette – Exile


Wool Mini Dress – DCNY

Lyn Cardigan MESH – Celoe


Cozy Poncho – DCNY (part of Peace on Earth Hunt) 

Xui Trousers MESH – Celoe


Wool Mini Dress (top only) – DCNY

Xui Trousers MESH – Celoe 

Knit Ruffles Bolero – Ruxy 

Long Scarf – Maitreya 


Charlie MESH – Treads


Weekend Traveler  MESH – Mon Tissu

Nails – Mandala