It’s Serendipitious


I have said it in the past, that Roslin Petion and I have this kind of strange Bloggers Fate thing going on, whenever she would contact me in the past, I would be on a posestand, and what she would send would be exactly the colour or style, or shade I needed at the time. It never failed to surprise me, but this time it was an extension of that same fate that tagged itself on to my post at the very end.

I have had this lingerie set for a few weeks, and even worn it out shopping lol, but today was the day I knew I had to get it shown as it is only available at the Vintage Fair at the moment, until Roslin sets up her new store Coquette. So I was ready to work out my look and went from the gorgeous lingerie to look for which skins. I knew I had some Curio still needing to be shown and voila there was the Jewel pack, which of course had the same colours as the lingerie, it being available in emerald and sapphire as well as pink and wine – not shown.

Then time for hair, I knew I was behind in some Wasabi Pills posts so grabbed those and unpacking them wore them in the order they appeared in recent. The two longer styles being MESH look so perfect on the body, and the way they move with poses is brilliant. I also love the colours, and of course their names are fun too, mind you they did make me hungry.

So there I was taking my pics, and fiddling in PS, and it came to the last pic, and tossing up whether to go wine or sapphire…sapphire won, then I put on the last hair and thought oooo isn’t that cute, it’s got stars on the pigtails, how festive. First I wore the pancake colour, and thought naaah – but yeah didn’t help with the hungry, so I actually paused for a break and had some soup – then returned and changed the colour hair to black coffee – which I don’t drink – but this is all timing believe me.

Then out of the blue, a parcel gets sent from Dita Tran of Fulo and I laugh, the name of the item is Shalom Star Sapphire set…now seriously, had I not stopped and eaten etc I would have been done with my pics and moved on, but Roslin worked her powers again I swear and here is the complete look. The Shalom set is actually part of the upcoming Peace on Earth hunt, so be sure to grab the set because it is just beautiful and perfect for Christmas. The lingerie is a must have also, Roslins lingerie always is, and I for one cannot wait until she opens a store, but it gives you a chance to run over to Vintage Fair again and grab you some Cheesecake – seriously it is no wonder I was hungry.

I am wearing some fierce looking footwear today also. The heels on these made me go running, and the options are great. Allowing for you to wear stockings with them as well as them having the natural skin tones for skins…also strap options these shoes from NCore are great value.

The skin is perfect Gala, the tones are different than ones I am used to, but still with the light dark options, and incredible make ups, I even settled into the Jewel Pure 1 to stay on for a while, that and the Emerald are going to be faves. They also are perfect for Christmas pics, with the jewel tones and rich blends…start thinking sexy Christmas cards early on.

Have a great day, and be sure to acknowledge fate…

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Poses by : Maitreya 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Jewel – Curio by Gala


Orion, Bambi, Chloe – (MESH)  Wasabi Pills 


Cheesecake set – Coquette @ Vintage Fair 


UltraPlatform – NCore 


Shalom Earrings/Choker set – Fulo  (part of  Peace on Earth Hunt )