Now for something different, anyone that loves to mod, and play in PS should read on…

Blue Galaxy has been around for many years, and recently you saw some of Ash Soyinkas creations during this years Hair Fair. Her first fair, and her first foray into hair creation. She made all her styles the week before the event lol. Anyway, she has been teasing me and her customers with snapshots of upcoming MESH avatars, and finally the Feline Avatar has been released.

First off the female version is hell sexy, and the head (sculpt) is scripted to blink and move ears, and has different mouth movements, that are all so adorable. The rest of the avatar is Mesh and is just delightful. But it gets incredibly better than that. Ash is a firm believer in modifications, and not only do you get the avatar, but also the panties and tank top…and then when all purchased you get the chance to download the files for ALL of the textures in PSD form, and you can do any mods you want to it. She even encourages you to then sell the modification textures or share them with friends, it is up to you. MINDBLOWING! it doesn’t stop there, even the new Cargo pants come with the PSD info, so again you can buy the pants and then make as many versions as you like for yourself or sell them etc.

Just to show you how easy it was, I did the tank and pants on the right just to show you, that even I can do it. The belt buckle originally had her BG on it, but seriously everything is there to work with, shading, base colours, even overlay texture that gives the item some depth. Now mine are not overly exciting, but since then I have seen another persons mod, and the pants looked incredible. Mine will just make sure cars see me in the dark lol, I love yellow so much.

But again not just the clothing is PSD File supplied, but every single part of the avatar, even the hair texture, so you can create your own colours. The eyes, are coloured with tint in world, and originally the silver Feline comes with Purple eyes, so I made them green.

The price of these avatars is amazing also, so if you are a full time furry and looking for a new you, or even dabble on occasion, then get thee to Blue Galaxy, because you will be able to make this avatar your very own unique look, with just a few brush strokes. Just be sure to make copies of everything first, or keep the box somewhere safe to unpack again.

You can follow all that Ash has going on here


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Poses by : iMAGZ

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Avatar Worn :

Female Feline (MESH) – Blue Galaxy

Hair: part of set 


Cargo Pants MESH (furrie sized) – Blue Galaxy

Tank Top and Panties – part of set