Meshing Well


Dainty 1


So did you notice I was missing? It is ok if you didn’t, but my apologies that I am so far behind now, even more so than I already was. It doesn’t take long to get behind in SL, there is so much incredible content spilling out all over the place, every minute of everyday. I have to wonder sometimes, do designers count? their releases I mean, over an amount of time…and I often see them also apologising for not releasing for a while, but what is acceptable, when in RL designers do collections based on Seasons. I remember when many in SL used to do that. Are you old enough to remember when a designer could take months to release? there wasn’t this constant weekly update thing. I remember I used to ache for hair, physically ache, because it would be so many weeks sometimes months between releases. Back then you actually had time to wear everything you bought lol.

Looking forward to the weekend because someone would be having an event, so you would actually spend a day or so scouring the feed ( OMG there was but ONE only) also running to the SL forums for new release notifications ( they were huge back in the day) and finally finding a dress/gown that you were in love with. Where did the events go? people have more land these days, and seem to do less with it, how odd is that. Also all the clubs and their themes, seriously if you were a savvy designer you would release something in lace, leather and red or black or a combo of both, or even all on a Thursday and make a mint, oldbies should laugh at that, because it is so true.

Anyway I am rambling, two of the big releases this past few weeks is from Mon Tissu and Beetle Bones. Both stores have been embracing Mesh in a way that works for their stores really well. Mon Tissu is using a combo of both, some Mesh, some not and some a mix of both Mesh and system. Emma did a teaser ad for her new Heathrow boots which are rigged Mesh so they will move with your avatars bone structure. So when you bend at the ankle so do the boots. They are very cool flat boots, and had a sort of equestrian feel for me. I was delighted to try on the wool blend coat, and then even more so to realise that it has been constructed in such as a way as to wear without the bottom fuller part. Thank goodness for modify clothing or it would not have been possible, but now I have two looks from the one coat. Make sure you make a copy of the clothing layer and then edit in appearance mode to shorten it just enough to not be visible lower than the tie of the coat.

The coat was a great match to wear with the Beetle Bones Zolin Aztec shorts, these are Mesh also and are so cute. A wool knit so suitable for the rest of this season and the coming months. I wore them over the new leggings from Mon Tissu and really truly love the look, the coats, leggings and shorts come in so many colours so recreating in your own palette would be extra fun. I felt like a very well to do lady in this look, so added some fine jewelry from MOOD and this fantastic updo from MADDesigns, these are the hairstyles they created for the Modavia Fashion Week event, and there are so many amazing ones to choose from.

Second up another Beetle Bones/Mon Tissu combination. The system looking skirt is not at all, it is MESH MESH MESH and I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is a pencil skirt with a draped like hip effect, but you really need to see it on to see how they mastered this so not to have to worry about fit per avatar. They have worked out that you don’t need to wrap the whole body in the Mesh, you just go try the demo and see – I am not going to give any more clues. The top is an over-sized Mesh tank by BB and you get either a solid – as worn – or a sheer version, again the draped loose look is fantastic BB really is leaps and bounding all over this Mesh business.

Lastly the gorgeous LBD is from Beetle Bones and has mixed Mesh with flexi to give it some extra POW effect. The great thing about the dress, is it too, like the coat has been created as two pieces, so if you want to you can wear the top or bottom with other things, the top would look fabulous with some pants, or perhaps another skirt, even perhaps an older gown skirt. The shoes are the Sloane pumps by Mon Tissu, adorable fringed pumps that are a more mature looking shoe, but a great style for ladies who wear heels often and for a long period of time, comfortable and stylish is key.

The skin I am wearing is Dainty by Gala Phoenix, the NEW Curio skin. A new face, with more of a softer look. Deep lips are needed on occasion but you get more of a lighter feel from the make ups. I really like the subtle dimples in the skin, as well as even without freckles version, there is a light smattering across the bridge of the nose. This skin could lend itself to a more ethnic appeal dependent on shape, so give it a try when you can.

All the poses used today are from PLOOM, you really need to check out the expanding range of poses now available over there, they are growing very fast.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : PLOOM

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn: Dainty – Curio by Gala Phoenix


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:


Hairbase – LeLutka 

Demi – MADDesigns


Wool Blend Jacket (Modified) , Favourite Wool Tights – Mon Tissu 

Zolin Aztec Shorts MESH – BeetleBones 


Heathrow Boots MESH – Mon Tissu 


Desiderio Ensemble – MOOD 


2nd Me:


Trish – MADDesigns 


Oxford Pencil Skirt MESH – Mon Tissu 

Loose Pocket Tank MESH – BeetleBones 


Sloane Pumps – Mon Tissu 


Long Pearls Winter – YS & YS 


3rd Me:


Gertrude – MADDesigns 


Shushu Party Dress MESH – BeetleBones


Sloane Pumps – Mon Tissu 


Anywhere Henge Cuff, Nugget Earrings – BeetleBones 

Satin Clutch – COCO