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Ok so this is what I know about what is what this weekend. First off, those people over at Freestyle that have been promoting the buns off new stores, and free items for the last 4 years, are having a celebration. I remember when Ashia Tomsen used to do the posts over there almost solo at one stage, but over the years many incredible bloggers have worked with Creamy to make it a most memorable blog. The event is 4*44*444 similar to Collabor88 in the concept that everything there is one of those prices, and what I have seen so far is well worth checking out.

Other things worth checking out is the Annual Choice Stamp Rally event, the idea is that you do some regular shopping in one or more of the stores on the list. That you buy however many items you like that have the Stamp Choice cards in them, you can see that in either edit contents or the buy menu, probably wiser to go with the contents. So then once you have the cards, you attach them to either various parts of your body YES YOU CAN DO THEM ALL AT ONCE, or you can be like me and attach them to your hud spaces on your screen and line them up all pretty and no one will see them lol. Then you go to every store on the list and find the stamp pad and click it and you will see a stamp appear on the card. This is also why I wear to HUD, you don’t have to try and navigate your camera to all the different cards to see that. Then once you have all your cards stamped, and trust me this takes such a small amount of time, even with all the shopping you end up doing in between, because the stores are always fabulous. You go to the final destination and drag your completed card to the Kiosk and choose your reward, one at a time, and make sure you are really aware of what you want in advance because you don’t have long to choose. I got an incredible life sized doll house and the Y’s House lounge suite, and a great handbag today, plus all the shopping, it was a great morning spent with Whimsy.

Now after that I went shopping further, and picked up this wonderful skirt, I loved it at first sight. I also grabbed the navy version, and really wish there were more than three colours, I would love a blood red in this too. While at Tram getting my stamps I realised for the first time they do hair, seriously how that escaped me I will never know, unless I knew and forgot…yeah lets say that happened. This style just beckoned to me, and it is just lovely. Now the skin is new to me too, and oh so adorable and oh so WOOOT free for me. I was out cruising a mall and there was a Mother Goose satellite, and like her regular store she has lucky boards there, in the doorway even so you can see them and the letters just wandering past and sure enough there was an S amongst them. For some reason I expected it to say Group Only, but nope it sent me the skin and voila a perfect match to my hair I think, freckles and all.

I love my look today, because it has that girl on campus feel to it. So that’s what I did, searched campus and found this wonderful location for a pic. Using my VR Studio HUD Library by VR Foundry for posing anywhere you want, I used the NEW Ploom poses ALL and the first one in the new set was great for the handbag and just overall feel of the look. This way also I got to show off the NEW Astrid Boots from SLink, these boots need education, because you need a Math degree to work out the bargain that they are.

The Astrid MESH boots come with 16 boot colours and 16 strap colours, which means if you get the fat pack you have over 200 variations of the boot. Is that not insanely awesome. They are a woven leather design, and the heels are just super sexy and sleek. If you are not using a MESH viewer yet, seriously try it out, don’t be stubborn.

Click HERE to SLURL’s


Poses by : Ploom

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for

location shoots- VR Foundry

Mainstore, VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn: Trudy III – Mother Goose 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Hair: A817 – Tram 

Clothes:  Basic Turtlenecks – (flf item) 

Chino Skirt – Graph 


Astrid Boots – SLink ( MESH) 


Shield Ring – LaGyo 

Nails Medium – Mandala 

Messenger Bag - R.icielli ( TDR Event)