Modavia Fashion Week Day Two

Day 2 of Modavia Fashion Week, and there were more press in attendance and a great group of appreciative VIP’s, and customers. Whimsy and I got there just in time before it filled up, and it was nice to see Cajsa there as well.

The first thing to notice was that the build – done by Maddox Dupont – had changed again, this time a very Metropolis Film look, with art deco styled beams and splashes of coloured lighting. Maddox of MADDesigns has a real knack for pulling together a look with the most minimal of textures, which of course is much needed at an overloaded event such a show of this nature.

The show was about to begin with a store I knew nothing about. Sartoria, is a new to me label and one I will find hard to forget…this is a name I know that myself and Whimsy will be shouting out the next time someone asks about mens clothing in Fashion Emergency. To be honest though, that was pretty much the theme of the day, incredible Menswear, follow with me.


For an oldbie like me, this release had me in awe of the changes to mens fashion over the years. But not only the changes to the actual clothing…look at the models. Men get to be Men, their own Men, not Dante with three shape options – HA HA HA I can say that now they are closed and Lost can bite my bum – lol I am by no means picking on Naughty, if it wasn’t for them we would have had women looking like models and Men looking like crap, I for one will admit to having a few Dante crushes in the past. But again, with the looks today it was so evident that men are again taking on fashion, and taking it on so well. The first store I managed in SL was mainly known for its menswear, and especially suits and really distinguished looks, so when the grid went too casual for guys it was really upsetting to me. Stores like Sartoria and the others shown at Modavia this week are bringing back Class to menswear and YIPEE for that.

The one thing that was very obvious, was the very English influence of the looks. Very Saville Row, and a mix of now and past looks of mens fashion, truly retro inspired , you can imagine the Beatles or Mick wearing these clothes.




Gabriel on the other hand was a lot more dressed to impress. For nights on the town at least. The use of layers was excellent in this and all collections so far, I am truly so happy that LL gave us more than one layer options for each clothing type now. I would have personally loved to see the guys come out again without the coats on, that would have made for an interesting visual – the one difference that is so evident about RL SL Fashion shows, no coats off and twirling.

Aside from the very sexy suited looks, there were some dark and brooding leather military styles, the coats were thick and heavy, just as they should be if trying to pull off this look. The womens wear was all evening, but flirty and cocktail length, simple gradients of colour.



Lastly for me sadly, as the grid went down for many. I personally think it was just so the male lindens could all go shopping in peace – but anyway, FIR & MNA were a huge hit. Naith Smith was there too as he was the hair provider for the show. The funny thing about the show was that Women in the audience talk a lot more when Men are on stage than when Women are…and especially about their shoes. I worked out why though later on, when nearly every model – female – came out after she had shoes on I already own, so what’s the point lol.

But seriously one of the longest fashion mysteries in SL has always been were to get good mens shoes. Not only dress shoes, but the every day that don’t always have to be runners/trainers. This collection more than showed the way, but I still wholeheartedly believe that there needed to be some socks on the top left, because not only would the shoes get very smelly very fast, but the thickness of the leather would mean blisters.

Moving upwards though, the styles of pants the men were wearing were great, not too blokey, but still masculine enough for all Men to Wear, that should be the catch phrase of the collection. Whether Geek, Chic, or just a blokey bloke, all of the looks worked in some way, whether taking it down in layers, or wearing a whole look. Bottom left I wanted to see with just his bottoms on, because it was such a great sunday morning lazing around the house look. Then bottom right had a dashing off to the local store to get some provisions for breakfast appeal. I think that is what it was that had all of us girls enamored by the collection, not just because it is really stylish and well executed, but because these men have romance in their bones, that if they care this much about how they look, without looking like they care, then imagine how much they will care about their partners…

Try and attend the rest of Modavia Fashion Week if you can , you wont be disappointed. Also don’t forget that all the items already shown are now available to purchase in the courtyard of Modavia.

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