By the Sea






First off I want to mention that myself, and some incredible Fashion Bloggers are part of a Linden Lab Fashion Expert Days event. Now while I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, this was an honor, to be asked by the powers that be, to be part of something this huge. So if any of my readers drop by, thank you so much in advance, and if you cannot make it, please drop by afterwards and say hi, to not only myself, but everyone involved.

As you know Whimsy and I attended most of the Modavia Fashion Week shows, now while I did not get pics of every show, I am still incredibly impressed by not only the designers, but the event as a whole. Dahlia, Poptart, all of the incredible Models and of course Maddox Dupont who created sets that left us breathless and music that added to the passion of the event.

Now even though the event is over, you can now find many of the creations are in fact now in the stores, so hop to it. Two of the shows that blew me away colour and design wise were LaGyo and The Secret Store. In my looks today I have incorporated three looks out of both of the stores, and their work together is just divine. The colours, the textures, the thought that went into both collections is outstanding.  The other stand out for LaGyo was the accessories, these will have you oooing and aaaing for weeks.

Chunky jewelry, handbags, hats to die for and cape-lets you couldn’t have imagined. I was lucky to have such stunning hairstyles from Exile to show these off with. The issues often with hats, is that hair and hats made separately are a pain in the bum to sort. Over the years though my love for both have had me work out a method. First is to make sure you make a copy of your hair you are working with.  Then go into edit and make sure stretch both sides is checked, and shrink that hair down best you can without losing the style itself. This wont always work, but the hat will hide a lot of what is changed about the hair.

Then I find that rather than moving hair only, the strays that is, I use a combo of both flattening them and shoving them in my head…again it is the hat that will hide most of this, believe me you would not want to wear this hair again without it. This full blown hair though from Exile still looks HOT with the amazing hat, such a pimped look that I just love.  It does also help that the hair is close to the skull in the upper portion already, so it was an easier style than many to edit.

Now lets talk about the shoes…If I was to do an ad campaign, and believe me I did spend a few hours in my head trying to work it out, then I would so have had me climbing the side of a mountain. Then the text would read something along the lines of ” Treaders: the shoes you wear when still trying to convince the new man in your life you have the same hobbies” snickers. I really love the Treaders from Maitreya, they are the shoe within a boot, you will recognise the style from the Shearling boots released in the past, the shoes were just dieing to be made as well. But I truly can also imagine these in some movie like Legally Blonde or Clueless where the main character will definitely put looks over practicality in most situations, but has found the PERFECT alternative for hiking in heels. Also as an extreme heel wearer, I can totally appreciate the grip on these and just know they would be heavenly to dance in all night, and then have to walk home in because some idiot decided that clubs close the same exact time as taxis change drivers.

The skin I am wearing is from Addict, it is the new skin line Raia and the make ups are just lovely. Full lipped and beautiful shadows. There is a cleavage add on, but I will say DEMO DEMO DEMO because low clothing will not be possible if too low. There is no shaved option, so you will have to make sure it is something you can wear with your wardrobe style. Other than that, it is a great face make up, and the tones are delish.

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Poses by :  LaGyo Bag Scripted, Geez

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Raia – Addict 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Heloise, Hope, Jaela – Exile 


Cable Knit Body Suit, Lace Knit Socks, Kimono Coat  – The Secret Store 

Sofia Leather Skirt , Iskra Shorts, Zoya Turtleneck, Brygida skirt – LaGyo 


Treaders – Maitreya 


Cecylia Necklace , Lora Purse , Inga Hat, Ram Necklace – LaGyo