Stellar Ploomage

I have always said you learn something new everyday in Second Life. That is true, and often it is the things we expect are known all over; that are in fact usually the opposite. Example would be todays little Second Life Tier lesson. I have had a sim now – The Deck – for two years, and I will admit that for at least the first year I was an ignorant land owner. Which seeing as I have had my own 512 since 2006 is even worse, but I will let myself off the hook there seeing as I have that tier as part of my premium account perks.

Now it is pretty well known that I have worked for many in Second Life, and most of those people owned their own sims. But I must say learning by example is not always a good thing, especially when dealing with finances from different countries. My bosses of the past were always Americans up to the point of owning my own sim. So for them to ‘cash out’ was a simple process, especially in the days of doing so through Xstreet. But for me for years I had always cashed out from Xstreet to Paypal to Australia Bank to Credit Card. Then once I owned a sim I did the same and they would bill my CC.

If you are doing this too, whichever country you are from STOP RIGHT NOW. I was paying fees and currency exchange fees all over the damn place, but again this was my own ignorance, and my settling to believe that that was the one and only way. It isn’t, and seriously this is no ones fault, it is again just one of those things everything thinks everyone knows.

When you sell your Lindens via your account info on the Second Life main website, the money is converted to a US Dollar amount. Once that occurs STOP. The way linden labs at the time of this announcement lol, is that they go through your USD balance first and if all the money they need is there that is as far as they go. If your balance is lacking part of the money owed, only then do they go to your Credit Card or whatever money paying info you have provided them – this is why it is always a nice thing to pay your rent on time if renting from others, because if the lindens go to credit cards because there isn’t enough money in USD it can really effect the RL of your landlord, but that is another thing altogether.

So don’t be silly like I was for a year, once you have the USD balance all good and full enough to cover your tier leave it there, and if like me you see the linden is giving good money at other times, sell some of your lindens to up your USD balance, the money isn’t going anywhere as either USD or L’s.







Ok now on to the fashion. Firstly only two more full days of Hair Sale Yummyness…

That is right, the Ploom Hair Sale will end on Sunday night, and you need to go and grab all you can. Especially the cutsie and fabulous themed do’s like the incredible Telephone hair with such shiny Diet Coke cans. It is always in the middle of the night when you find inspiration for hair such as this, so why not grab it while it is on sale, and save it for one of those fabulous fun nights.

I am always talking in reverse lately. The other night I was at Sn@tch as I mentioned and this vest flew off the wall at me, how is this not being worn by EVERYONE, no seriously EVERYONE MUST HAVE THIS. The style of Suede Vest this is with the fringing and all is so flower power I have so much love for it right now, but went with a darker look.

Mixing the brand spanking new jean shorts from Zaara these are bumtastic. The one thing about jeans shorts is that if you don’t know what you are doing in the crotch area you will end up with all sorts of issues. Zaara is crotch knowledgable – you know one day resumes all over the world are going to be full of Second Life jargon, it will be like those secret societies they do movies on… a tap on the nose a knowing look and HIRED. They will have things like ‘can make a bikini with one pixel front to back’ or ‘ can animate without snapping the torso” or even more funna ” is Slider capable”  so anyway, back to Zaara and her crotch knowledge, these jean shorts come in darks or lights and are really cute with their rolled over edges and beautiful stitching.

I needed a bit more to make the look edgier, so again I went to Erratic and pulled out those fabulous wide fishnets I had shown in the past, underneath they go on the undies layer and voila. Slip them inside some of J’s western boots and I am almost done. The hair is the cutest too, meant to be all girly girl with a name like Kewpie, but with a hidden bit of evil in the skull bow adorning the headband. The headband has its own hud that you can change to many different colours and fabrics, this is another of the wonderful SALE hairstyles at Ploom so don’t miss out on it – there are red tickets showing all the sale hairs. The gloves I have on are some of my all time favourites, but you will have to buy the full outfit to get them, as they are part of a Maiiki set, and the Maiiki items are all full looks.

Now to go to the other side of the girly girl spectrum, my pintsized friend with the gargantuan personality Lexi Morgan – of Stellar – is a lover of frills, I swear if she can work out a way to add a ruffle to it she will, and this is a good thing believe me. The Brynn top I am wearing is all ruffle, or layers, or however you want to describe it, it is a really pretty floral top that cascades down and over the breasts, its almost like a kerchief top, but not. What I did like was the glitch underneath as well lol, I love when designers make their glitch stand alone items – yes and I know I say that everytime someone does, but it deserves praise so nerrrrr.

So while it looks all frilly and girly girl in the pink and the light denim shorts from Zaara, and a too darn sexy pose from Poseur – just thought I would bring your attention to my bottom for a moment lol. I skip on over to the top without the sculpts and add the other new release from Stellar the bermuda jeans, these 3/4 jeans are great for this time of year, even for down here I could rock those out with some boots or whatever. I have to say I was all Miss Pouty Face though because well you should have seen the first belt I wanted to wear *sniffles* remember a long time ago I did some posts with Celestial Studios pants, and played up the fact that she made all her own texture belts to fit exactly to the loops and cut of her own pants. WELL, I wanted to just see, see if I was blessed with some blogger fate, but alas even though the cherry patent belt looked almost passable from the front, and OMG it looked so fantastic as a look, there was a large gap of no belt at the back due to I guess how the belt was meant to go with only a certain style jeans/pants.

So now my lovely Lexi and all you great and wonderful designers out there that do jeans, or other pants with loops…please consider making fun texture belts that are add ons on the jacket layers, or actually all layers, because you could put a pants layer belt over a undies layer pants and then still wear a jacket. Anyway think on it, because it can be so much fun, and really add to a collections possibilities.

The great skins I am wearing through this post are Candy by Gala @ Curio. The face is just lovely, and I really had fun guessing in advance what the make ups would be by their names, tootsie roll was a no brainer lol. In the red pic I am actually wearing the cleavage enhancer, and accidently put on the one that pretty much flattens you out, so if you have always wanted a gala skin but where not exactly a fan of the breast shading, or want something milder, please demo again and check out the cleavage options you can buy seperately, it really does make such a difference.

Ok so my bloggers fate was that while I was typing this, no word of a lie the Telephone song did come up and play on Janga o/ meant to be I tell ya.

Whatever youdo do NOT miss out on the PLOOM SALE ends Sunday


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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Candy – Gala


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Kewpie, Trixie, Telephone – Ploom


The Gem Suede Vest – Sn@tch

Denim Shorts – Zaara

Fishnet Wide – Erratic

Strap Gloves ( from Striped Strapless set ) – Maiiki (upstairs Maitreya)

Brynn Top (shown with and without sculpts) , Bermuda Jeans  – Stellar


Western Boots – J’s

Rivea Pumps – MStyle


Milky Way Choker Black , Female Pallete 1 Medium Nails – Mandala

VStyle Belt – CoCo