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Moxie Summer Patents

I have a little secret pleasure, it happens usually every week, a drop down appears from a certain store and their notice always makes me grin. It doesn’t matter if I like, love or just consider what is for sale that week, it is the creativity that has always gone into both the naming of the notice, as well as the descriptions of the items.

Yes you guessed it, there is nothing like a big notecard full of Sn@tch. Now even though the pics are the other way around, I just was glad that because of the little treat of enjoying my sn@tch weekly, I usually know what I can jump over and grab if I need to. This was exactly the perfect time, what with the make up being just right, the hair being perfect and knowing that I was going to find the exact top I had seen the week before. So the lesson here folks is present yourself to your audience in a way that is both eyecatching and thought provoking, because the sn@tch that grabs you one day, will be one you love forever.

Now back to the right order of things. The Cami top I am wearing is part of the Gatcha Festival happening at the Albero sim, that is one of the best things that happened with saving those sims, was that the traditions the original owners had started continued. I remember my first time at one, it was on two levels then, and I spent bazillions just on the first row, everything was so adorable. Back then it was more about accessories though, things to put in your mouth, your hair, on your shoulder and so on…now it is all sorts of items, including these great Cami tops. Tee*fy is the creator, and the tops come in lovely summery prints and light bright colours.

This one worked perfectly with my look, and the Mo pants from Miel. These pants never date, they are an older Miel item and still superb to wear. It occured to me today actually that this style would probably look fantastic on men too, I would love to see a male blogger do a post in a pair and prove me correct.

One of my favourite things about Hair Fair aside from the hair, the newness, the charity and the launching of new stores lol, is the fact that there are some older stores that very rarely do hair through the year, but really WOW me at Hair Fair. Fashionably Dead is one such store. Every single Hair Fair they impress me with their unique styles and just adorable looks. Remember the saucepan hair of 2009? This year was no different, I had to get their sheepskin lined deerstalker style hat/hair, but also this braided style called Lemonade. Which ended up looking so adorable with the Skull Bowl from Deco. I did have to edit it a bit – the hat not the hair – to fit but it was a simple stretch both sides and voila done.

Now to the inspiration for both looks, the new RedMint skins. The skin as usual is great, very detailed body and OMG the cleavage – believe it or not this is actually the default, there are enhancers , which push them together more so. The skin has a really fit stomach, and everything really works well overall.

The skin comes with also hair base options, light or dark brows, and its own prim nails and teeth. There are also make up add ons you can purchase and they truly are worth it, they look amazing, and the first one is definitely a favourite. Whether playing femme fatale with the netting and a pillbox hat/hair, or going the route I took, the face netting is sexy.

Another make up that was a pure win was the geisha looking one, and I knew immediately what hair to feature it with, and as I mentioned exactly where to go for a top, and funnily enough I knew who I wanted to show on the lower as well. Erratic is a store I keep wanting to show more, but every time the only items I have were in the wrong colours. This time though I wasn’t going to change my mind, and went off in search for what I had already in silver, in black. YAY for them being available in black, because the laser cut pants are really cool. Very low cut and nice detailing on the holes as well as the tights themselves…pretty awesome bottom shading.

Further down from those you will find another set of newness about to be released from Maitreya Gold. The Moxie Summer heels are the feet version of the Moxie released earlier with socks. Everyone loved the with socks style so much, that they begged for a with feet version, and to make them a little different they are being released with three extra heel/soul colours you can get on clicking the menu drop down options. They come in basic or patent and I just adore the snakeskin look on the basics, as well as that mix of black and white for the couture version.

These are sexy wedge heels, and I know one particular Newdolly that will be over the moon seeing these. They will be released tomorrow with the Yaxkin.

Reason for the post title, that Whimsy likes to torment me with teasing me about Australia and it’s mountains, she calls them hills and says we fake our snow…MEAN

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Poses by :

Long Awkward Pose

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Skin Tan No. 06 Prime – Red Mint

Make Up Prime – Red Mint


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Lemonade – Fashionably Dead

Warrior – Epoque


Mo Pocket Pants – Miel

Summer Ruffle Cami – Tee*fy ( Gatcha Festival )


Sasha Damask Tops – Sn@tch

Laser Cut Leggings – Erratic


Moxie Summer – Maitreya Gold


Skull Bowl (war kiss) – Deco

Pagani Ensemble – MOOD

Nail Pallette 1 Medium – Mandala

Belly Chain (from Fantasy dress) – VR Foundry

Twisted Bracelets – Erratic