Hair Fair 2011 – She’s Backkkkk





Ok so next door is hammering and carrying on with repairs, but dude it is 8am in the morning. Seriously the worst rules about noise in my country are that you can start that crap from 7.30am., because they assume everyone is up and off to work. What about those that are working all night and stuff. RUDE. Mind you I can’t complain; because he sure doesn’t about me yacking in skype with Whimsy,Mel and whoever at 4am and onwards every day :P.

So like it is Hair Fairs last days for the year, sniffles* I can’t believe how fast we got it all done this time around, the only thing left to do is the awesome Contest where you can win fabulous prizes.

The hairstores shown in this post are Aoharu, Raspberry Aristocrat, Baiastice and Shag. Aoharu’s styles are very whimsical, thinking picnics and walks down by the river…they would have been so suited for the Salt Water Taffy sim, but we didn’t know what the hair was like in advance. Teaming them up with of course her other release this past week of these amazing shirts with scarf vests. Great look and so colourful.

Raspberry Aristocrat has some fun and fabulous tails styles, very cute and so adorable to wear in different and fun colours. I really enjoy her textures and these styles are both casual and lovely. I am wearing them with some items from Royal Blue, so excited that Marni Grut of Royal Blue is back in world, and I for one cannot wait until she releases some new items.

Baiastice has been creating hair slowly over the last year, and this years Hair Fair release is showing how talented she is in all areas, and can only strengthen that skill as time goes by. The hair I am wearing is very suited to her stores overall style, the dresses I am wearing are also her most recent release fashion wise.

Shag had a contest of their own leading up to Hair Fair, which was a lot of fun to watch. They asked that people show how shaggable they are, so that they could win the oppurtunity to model for the creator in the ads for their Hair Fair releases, so make sure you check out the posters and not just the hair in their booth. The styles are definitely sexy, but the ingenue is a level up leading into Princessnessness :P, and we all are Princesses right?

The dress I am wearing is from Eclectic Apparel, it is almost a build your own dress, as you can choose left or right in one colour and then the opposite in another, as you can see I moved the black left to right and then added the colour layer, an interesting concept and a gorgeous style.

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair Slurls



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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Gem – LeLutka


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Daria, Gemma, Megan – Aoharu @ Hair Fair

Fae, Jane, Khloe – Raspberry Aristocrat @ Hair Fair

Lisa, Patty, Grand Soiree – Baiastice @ Hair Fair

Bombshell, Ingenue – Shag @ Hair Fair


CottonShirt with Scarf Vest – Aoharu

Wool Pants – Young Urban

House Lounge Bodysuit ,Wars coming again leggings – Royal Blue

Cabaha Dress – Baiastice

Cleo Wrap Dress – Eclectic Apparel



(RLV) Studded Collar (No.05) – Red Mint