Hair Fair 2011 – Minty Goodness





Ok so I am like trying to catch up and stuff, and all the while unpacking and sorting and ooooing and ahhhing. But first a public service announcement …Dearest Darling Designers, Pleeeeeeeeease for the love of all things buyable, do not set your boxes and bags to NO COPY, when the items inside them are copy. Also if the items inside are copy and the box/bags are copy DO NOT add a picture or notecard that is no copy.

If trying to unpack and the box ends up no copy, two things can happen, either the box gets deleted because someone has those warnings off. Or the item has to be taken back to inventory which makes the whole inventory go back to where the box was, not where you unpacked to. Another reason, having copy boxes/bags makes keeping inventory to a minimum an easier task, as once worn you can delete the folder knowing you have the whole item safely in a box. But the most important of all, to both designer and customer should be, SECOND LIFE IS NOT THAT RELIABLE! there I said it, I love LL so hard, but honestly mixing perms is a big no no. If something hiccups, you have the added risk of your items becoming a neverending supply of resendable items…DO NOT RISK IT.

Ok now on to the yums. FIrst off Exile has an awesome release for Hair Fair this year, ever since his first in 08 Kavar has continued to grow and grow as an incredible hair creator. I love his names for the hairstyles this year, and also the effort he put into making the hair very theme friendly for the event, double yum on the oceanic theme of Aroha. I went with an all blue theme from Riddle, yay for all colours so you have the option to do such things as theme runs. Riddle clothing is always so hot, and I especially love the sexy tunic look, very romanesque.

Next up we have hair from Iren, she did such an awesome job with her booth this year, really love how she decorated. The bonnet hair is adorable, and so perfect for hippie boho looks or just getting really authentic and hitting the RP circuit, it is extremely Little House on the Prairie hair.With boho in mind I went with the Boho tube tops from Addict, I really like these with or without the sculpted portion, so it is really two in one. Of course I couldn’t resist wearing Nora jeans, my fav highwaisted jeans to date.

Frou Frou has done it again with some great statement styles, and no one is going to be able to outdo the post Gidge did on it, because I swear anything you were eatting or drinking while reading was going to come splurting back out. I laughed so hard. The lingerie I am wearing was a great find with Whimsy while out shopping one night, the prices are incredibly reasonable, and the workmanship turned out way better than I imagined, the ribbon set on the left in the blue is just perfect for this cute pinup inspiring hair.

Lastly for now the RedMint booth had me all excited, their hair makes me happy. These styles are fantastic too with the addition of the lock on the 10 hair and the feathers on the 11 which actually have their very own HUD, this hair and the leather dress also from Redmint is SEXY.

You still have until friday night to buy more at Hair Fair 2011 and also time to enter the latest contest which is super exciting, imagine a year of Flickr Pro account, a year of poses from adorkable and your very own VR Studio…and second and third prizes also. So make sure you enter, the info is HERE .

Whose Hair Will you Wear

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair Slurls


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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Gem – LeLutka

Tattoo Make Up v7 v4 – Nuuna’s


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Aroha, Glory , HollieDae – Exile @ Hair Fair

Masha, Mathilda, Dhalia – Iren @ Hair Fair

Loverly, Picnic, Agnethe  – Frou Frou @ Hair Fair

Hair No9, Hair No 10, Hair No 11 – Red Mint @ Hair Fair


Meia Tunic, Corduroy Pants, Cableknit cutie , Spring has Sprung Dress – Riddle

Nora Jeans, Boho Summer Tube top – Addict

Bl&BE Ribbon Lingerie, Ethnic Set, Stripe Set  – Dimbula Rose

Leather Dress – Red Mint


KIA – LeLutka


Milky Way ring – Mandala

Tote Bag – TIA

Love Knuckle RIng – Addict