Here I am again, continuing my clothing fair post from earlier , which isn’t really earlier as I still have both tabs active lol. The next dress had Whimsy wondering if there was a theme to the fair, and as much as one would have been cool, to my knowledge there isn’t for the creations.

Very 80’s rocker this dress is, which would be strange for a dress I guess, but this was totally the fashion back then for those girls that didn’t want to do the frou frou but couldn’t escape from the frills. Tiered was all the rage, and funnily enough this style print very much made coordinating with your partner a whole lot easier…damn mens shirts were ugly mid 80’s I tell you, but the same or similar print on dresses and skirts somehow worked well.

Sachi of Adam n Eve did a great job on this dress, it is easy to wear, and easy to accessorise. Whether girly girl with a bow in your hair, or tougher with that punky edge of zippered boots, I went both ways.

Picture 7 technically

Has me oooing and aaaaing for the love for Mel. He absolutely nailed it when it came to this blue drop down last weekend. I had been secretly coveting the gorgeous Hydra necklace choker set from Rozoregalia, but really wanted Mel to see it first, and without him even knowing he bought it for me <3. My only concern is of course that it is no mod, but it does have scripts for resizing. Lucky for me I have my own aLu Necklock so I don’t have to worry.

The necklace comes in three styles and all three are just gorgeous, if I could wear them all at once and all the time I most probably would, but then I wouldn’t be able to wear anything else, so I will have to save it for the special moments .

I am totally taken when it comes to good silver clothing, and this is gorgeous. Fake has a shared space at Clothing Fair, and this is one of the RFL items as well as available seperately of the 3 pack in the vendor. The way Dream uses sculpties to enhance the Fake or Fantasia clothing always excites me, and this dress has the added beauty of a breast piece that allows for a smooth line across the chest, rather than the clothing texture dipping and covering the mesh.

It is those little things that will make Fake a store to be reckoned with in the future, the styles created for both lines of clothing brand are just fantastic. More Exile hair, actually all of the remaining styles are Exile and this updo is just gorgeous.

Picture 8

Ok the other item in the Fake/Fantasia store as a RFL vendor item were these INCREDIBLE throw me over your shoulder and ride away with me in your chariot style skirts – ok that isn’t the real name of them, but it should be – they are so beautiful and again just goes to show the talent oooozing out of Dreams fingertips.  The hair I thought was appropriate too with the name Giselle it just suited the theme in my romanesque fantasy.

Picture 9

Another of the stores I had not heard of before was Likka House, Whimsy and I were looking about and some great pieces were there to be found, but as soon as my eyes hit the Shaula skirts I was all about the gimme fingers. The fabric, the style, and the overall look of this set is great… there is something about that fabric and that skirt that reminds me of being little, I don’t know if it was my Mum who had one, but someone I know had skirts the same and I just love them.

Nowadays though this look is pure Bondi markets , and that is just perfect wherever you are from. Even down to my toes I am channeling the beach…and people they are called THONGS not flip flops, that is the sound they make.

Picture Ten

Lastly and meant to be, the little red dress Madison by Stellar is the perfect way to celebrate such an incredible effort by Nevar and all those that work so hard each year on Clothing Fair for RFL. This dress has a beautiful style, with its poofed out skirt and strapless bodice, a lovely mantle for the divine Jewelry by Alienbear Designs that I wore in part earlier. But in full now as this elegant dress needs equally elegant accessories. The hair, is a masterpiece, and I am not taking it off for now…an updo like this one needs to be seen.

Have an incredible day and remember to spend spend spend for Charity.

and if you didn’t see post one of my Clothing Fair posts it is HERE .

Accessory Fair location

Clothing Fair locations at bottom of post

Click HERE to TP to the stores

shown. or HERE to return to
Picture 6:

Hair: gST03-B – CriCri

Skin: Plush Skin tone 3 Hope RFL item – Sn@tch @ Clothing Fair

Clothes: Plaid Ruffle Dress – Adam n Eve

Shoes/Boots: Zipper Boots – CoCo

Accessories: Mayur Set – Alienbear Designs

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: LAP

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

Picture 7:

Hair: LoveStory – Exile

Skin: Plush Skin tone 3 Hope RFL item – Sn@tch @ Clothing Fair

Clothes: Inara Medievalism – Fake @ Clothing Fair

Shoes/Boots: Viniani Heel – Armidi

Accessories: HYDRA*NECKLACE set of three – ROZOREGALIA

Medallion Earrings – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: LAP

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

Picture 8:

Hair: Giselle – Exile

Skin: Plush Skin tone 3 Hope RFL item – Sn@tch @ Clothing Fair

Clothes: Lupa Skirt – Fantasia @ Clothing Fair

White Bikini – LAQ



Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: LAP

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

Picture 9:

Hair: Selene – Exile

Skin: Plush Skin tone 3 Hope RFL item – Sn@tch @ Clothing Fair

Clothes: Shaula Scorpion – Likka House @ Clothing Fair

Shoes/Boots:( THONGS ) flip flops – ON


Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: LAP

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

Click for Slurls Page

Click HERE to TP to the stores

shown. or HERE to return to

Picture 10:

Hair: Love Song II – Exile

Skin: Plush Skin tone 3 Hope RFL item – Sn@tch @ Clothing Fair

Clothes: Madison Dress – Stellar @ Clothing Fair

Shoes/Boots: ChiChi Heels – Maitreya

Accessories: Mayur Set – Alienbear Designs

Hair Rose – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: LAP

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

Click for Slurls Page

List of CLOTHING FAIR Stores and each sim


Store List:
Apple May Designs
Gothic Passionate Dreams
*+Crie Style+*
Pixel Passion
Total Betty
Adam n Eve
Lois Allen Designs
SF Design
INDI Designs
Earth & Sky Designs


Store List :
Evie’s Closet
EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads)
ED – Eclipse
Suki’s Silken Fashions
Adored Clothing and Hair
Sparkle Skye Designs
Nyte n Day
Mer-Elf Creations
Lost Dreams DEsigns
Naughty N Nice
Luck INC
Coconut Ice


Store List:
Gritzi Design
Awesome Designs
ala Mood
PaJa = Pastaria and Jade Designs
Wilson’s Designs for Men
Tres Beau Designs
Glow Designs
Styles of edo
Kouse’s Sanctum

Rio de Janiero

Store List:
Vitamin Ci
Couture by Cat
Dark Matter
~Mystic Sky~
Lemania Indigo Designs
Hell Bop Clothing
Peeps Fashion
ALESSANDRA – Skins & Fashion
Epic Fantasy Wings & Clothing
Casual Elegance
On A Lark
A&k Designs


Store List:
House of RFyre
*GutterPup*/Trashy Designs
Thalia’s Fashion Collection
Avrele Designs
Simone! & Style Starts Here!
The Crystal Queendom
~*{ The Black Canary }*~
Bliss Couture
EROS Fashions by Keth
Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry
Heart & Sole
The Curious Seamstress of Greenwood Designs
Indyra Originals
Shiki Design
Solange! Fashions

New Delhi

Store List :
Haven Designs
Silk & Satyr
BeNoir designs
FallnAngel Creations
Fantasia & FakE
Brocade Tiger
My Precious by Agnes Finney

New York

Store List :
DKs & PixelThreads
SpellBound “”
Stellar by Lexi Morgan
If The Shoe Fits
SD Wears
OMFG (I Love It)
Audacious Designs /Slick
Moxie Polanos Haute Styles
Phoenix Rising
Sinful Pleasures


Store List:
Rose Princess
Gallery fumiwo
Umi Usagi
Body Canvas
Milky House
Blue Blood
Bare Rose
Honey kitty
NONKO romankan
Ume Mode
House of Zen
LIka House
Alienbear Designs
Virtual Impressions
G Field

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