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Blog – Rude Girl


I have been channeling this week, the other day I totally felt like Whimsy in my sweater post, and tonight like Ashia in my rude girl look, mind you her being in and from the UK it isn’t a far leap. Have to thank her though big time, both of them actually, as they have both given gifts to the What’s New SL group as a launching present, and there are more to come.

I have been wanting to show the Pomski boots since I got them, and never really had my mind in the right place for a look to go with them. I didn’t want to just wear pants and be done with it, so the New release of the Nishar leggings by Zaara came at the right time,  they are woah.

There are like a billion options for each colour/texture pack. You have highwaist which is brilliant from a designer look perspective, low waist options, as well as different sock heights and fittings…such as open toed for that dancer look. You are going to have lots of fun with them this season.

I am wearing the Dirty Black leggings, and they are probably the plainest of the bunch but were perfect for this Rude Girl look. The Loathed High Waist mini from Kyoot is shown in its proper glory this time around, the taupe having been a fabulous 50L friday item a few weeks back, I have it also in the black, the coloured tops add that little something something that can tie a whole colour palette together.

I love the combo of it and the Tulip tank from Miel, the two are so great together that you can look at them differently, the top of the skirt almost looks as though it is possibly the bottom of the tank.

Kari had the perfect hat being the Rude Boy hat, but we will ignore the boy part. I love Kari’s hats, I wish he would do more and more.

The skin is of course the wonderful Gift Skin for What’s New SL group in world, if you join and go to the archives you can claim it and other gifts.  Or go to Idiosyncrasy or any of the other 80 stores already part of What’s New SL and click one of the Kiosks and join from History in Chat…The base of the skin is the Mia base which is the latest of the Idiosyncrasy skins…there is also an Exotique tone about to be released at the Vanity Skin fair that starts very soon, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to

Picture 1:

Hair: Samara – LeLutka

Skin: What’s New SL Group Gift – Idiosyncrasy

Clothes: Loathed High Waist Mini – Kyoot

Tulip Tank – Miel

Nishar Leggings (Dirty Black) – Zaara

Shoes/Boots: Pomski Boots – Kookie

Accessories: Rude Boy Hat – Kari

Aya V wood Bracelet – Atelier

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Persona

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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