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Lady Sasy
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There are days you pile on as much as you can, and then get all delighted by the ensemble you create. It can be inspiring, and just down right fun. A lot of the time it can even take you out of your ‘safety’ bubble you have surrounding you, in what you feel is fashion, or ‘in style’ at the time, sometimes it is just about being able to go outside into the big wide grid, and be a pony prancing vampire of Diva destruction.

Such was the case yesterday when attempting to sort my inventory. I decided to put on some recently purchased items from Fishy Strawberry and loved bits and pieces , taking off some, adding different ones and so on. I was actually wearing different hair at the time, and so giggled that I was having a Lady GaGa moment. That ended up being my theme for the day, so adding the FabulouS by name and nature Love Sex Magic necklace by the creative and inspiring Dango Jewel, I was ready to poke some one in the face – that’s how that song goes right? – laughs because in my head I’m taking the mickey out of my mum, who thought the song I’m in chains was a girl singing about being in pain.

I also did have on killer thigh high boots from Storm Schmooz – ok seriously where is he, and why don’t we have more shoes? – but they do not bend and stretch as well as these Stompers from The Abyss do. How cool is my box, no seriously, it’s great fun, 8 in built poses and the back section has lots of different images in it with click to change, way fun pose prop from Lost Angels.

The Fabia skin is the most recent in the line of Alphabetically named skins by BeBae. Deep and rich make ups as usual, with even freckles options, and there is now a cleavage option on an undershirt layer. It is a very strong featured face on my shape, and it definitely has a very unique look which is great, strong features that work with a shape instead of detracting from it, can really enhance your style.

The body has very detailed shading as well, with a fabulous bum in my opinion, I say this because I was just walking around The Deck still in my outfit, chasing after Whimsy and thought DAYUM my bum is cute lol, and Whimsy agrees, because I asked :P.

Adding the Eye Glam from BooM was a last thing, and I love them so much, they will take a bit of modding as you need to fit each one to your face shape, but well worth it, and bedazzling.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Bang Bang – Lamb

Skin: Fabia – Bebae

Clothes: Decadence Mongolian Fur , Black Swan Set (leotard) – Fishy Strawberry

Black strapless bra – Popfuzz

Shoes/Boots: Stompers – The Abyss

Accessories: Love Sex  Magic Necklace – FabulouS

Eye Glam – BooM

*  Hair bow dismantled from 69 hair Doll

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Lost Angels

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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