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Lovely Nyte


I have been really loving the resurge of so many older designers lately. Whether its seasonal returns, or the fact that they have their passion for fashion back, either way I am stoked.

One such designer, who didn’t actually go anywhere, but has been releasing much more often lately is Nyte n Day creator Nyte Caligari, all the clothes I am wearing today are from her recentish releases, and one that I think is older, but I love no less than the others.

The first one is the Mini Dress, that is a stretch ribbed off the shoulder that has so many possibilities for wear, belt it , add layers to it, whichever you like it is a perfect staple. Sometimes it is the simple styles like these that can have such a broad appeal.

The Jewelry is from Bliensen + MaiTai and available at Jewelry Fair, the set has scripted colour change for the beading and metal, and it really is a delightful visit to older times in its craftmanship.

I was also able to match the beads to my eyeshadow, so how cool is that. The skins I am wearing are Lovely II the soon to be released makeups by Gala at Skin/Shape fair that starts in less than 24 hours.

The lips on these have more of a matte finish, but with a definite shine when reflected in a nice light setting. This skin has always to me been very character driven , it will be your shape that defines it for sure. The make ups are deeper , more sultry even though not especially dark, but you definitely want to dig deeper into the person behind the face.

The second Nyte n Day creation is Flamenco , a perfect dancing dress, but without any swishing skirts. This dress is hot, I had to get them all, and over a span of a few hours I think I managed to change into every colour while parading around in front of Mel while we went exploring sims.

I want so badly for Nyte to also make this as a tube option, only the black parts of the dress, so that we can wear anything we want under it. I would LOVE THAT.

Another perfect combo is the Slice set with the Sunday hair from Magika, recently Magika did a hair a day for a week , and this hat/hair style is fab. It’s kind of a sexy modern take on the old paperboy look. Also wearing again the fabulous Long Boots by J’s with the rounded toes.

The last pic is a set that I am not sure if it is old or new, but the Posh set is a definite fav. The colour is gorgeous and the set comes with pants as well as shorts. The style of the top is kind of like a reverse plunge. Was ever so excited too that straight out of the bag my hairwrap that comes with hair was the exact right shade of green.

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Picture :

Hair: Saturday, Sunday , Wednesday ,Ju – Magika

Skin: Lovely 2 – Gala (skin/shape fair 2009)

Clothes: Mini Dress, Flamenco, Slice, Posh – Nyte n Day

Shoes/Boots: Long Boots round toes – J’s

Accessories: Pollys Embroidery set -  Bliensen + MaiTai

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Persona

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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