Halloween Dream at Loco Pocos

Halloween Dream at Loco Pocos

The time is NOW get your cute little or big tushes over to Loco Pocos, Damien Fate the Mastermind behind the whole Loco Pocos concept has been working dilligently to create the wickedly evil and totally heart racing dream for Halloween.

I myself was lucky enough to get a sneak peak and a belly full of candy last night, and it was fun fun fun, and I will totally admit to being a little afraid. When you land at Loco Pocos you will see a sign as shown, which you click on and grab your Trick or Treat collecting pumpkin the must have accessory of the season.

Loco Pocos Trick or Treat

You will even find that this dream is also catering to the height greedy in most of us :P. So once you have that it is then up to the dream where you will have to door knock by left clicking on each door, there are dozens of them to knock on, and if your door is answered you get a Trick or Treat option, then a very nerve wrecking countdown. Then you will either get a treat which will not only appear in your inventory, but also your treat pumkin ‘cooool right?’. As you go you will gather goodies of all sorts, and then well there are other things you will find out about once you get there, I am not going to ruin the excitement, so gather your friends together , or just go solo and make them jealous.

Have fun and say hi to Damien for me ♥

Loco Pocos Teleport HERE .