Hairspray 2

Hairspray 2

Hairspray 2

Hairspray 2 is opening today, and at 6pm there are going to be festivities a huge grand opening party, that everyone is invited to. Many of you know of the original Hairspray but due to the ever increasing talent in Phils Place of Hair Creators, Washu Zebrastripe felt it was time for a second fabulous all hair sim.

Joining Hairspray 2 are an abundance of fabulous hair creators, as well as the new in world location for Savoir Hair, the all hair blog owned and operated by Teagan Blackthorne and Laynie Link. The build is just fabulous, and its been over a year since the first HairSpray was opened and the work that has gone into this new build and the improvements planned for the 1st are already so evident.

So get excited because HairSpray 2 is going to be HUGE, a huge assortment of freebies and gifts for the opening and of course the long running free hair section at Savoir Hair that has been updated by many of the creators of fabulous locks. Make sure you grab a LM when you go , because it will be something you pass with ease the next time someone asks where to get great hair.

Teleport to HairSpray 2 at 6pm onwards HERE

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