The Magic is non stop – ok well not exactly but YAY

The Magic is non stop – ok well not exactly but YAY

Magic of Oz is extending their hunt until Friday, for all those on different timezones and who couldn’t get on this weekend to partake in the festivities, you have an extra five glorious days to do so.

Candy Cerveau: We’d like to thank everyone for making the Grand Opening of Magic of Oz an incredible experience… we couldn’t have hoped for a more wonderful and enthusiastic response and we are so glad that people seem to love Oz like we do. The hunt has been extremely popular and the sim has stayed at capacity for 3 days now. I know that there are people who have not been able to get in enough to find all the items and some have not been able to get in at all. So we have decided to extend the hunt until Friday the 10th at 10 pm SLT! This is a thank you from us to all the people who have supported the sim. We are so grateful to you and to our fantastic vendors whose gifts made the hunt as epic as it was. So spread the word – the Slipper Hunt is here for another 5 days!

Magic of Oz HERE

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