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Truth 1

Lots and lots of lovelies as TRUTH has re-opened AGAIN with a much more shopping friendly build and some yummy Newness. One of the New New YUM YUM items is SKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNS. I have been back today 5 times already lol.

But we will get to those 😛 , firstly lets discuss colours and motifs. With the upcoming Summer for us down here, Truth has stepped into a little bit of Surf Culture in my opinion with some of his latest releases. Colours and big splashes of patterns across the new items, the first are the Hatiti Shorts– ok not exactly colourful in the Ash, but there are other bright colours to choose from.

They are a lovely shorty short in a great texture and the pattern is definitely fun featured on the front and back of one side. Wearing with them the beautiful Heart Top the plunging neckline of these are delish, as is the keyhole style back, and we all know Truth is a romantic 😛 so they are definitely adorable.

I really like that these come tucked and untucked, whether over pants/shorts or with a skirt they are neato, and the long sleeves make them that little bit dressier looking. Speaking of Adorable we come to the Mini Flats, I have them on in three colours in the pics, but there are bunches more available, in all sorts of colours that he has featured in his new clothing, so yay for matchy matchy. The stictching on these is wonderful and I adore the strap and buckle.

NEW Hair is Julie, and it’s a fab medium length style, those chunky but whispy cut bangs are just fab I hope he does lots more hair with bangs like that, his new textures are definitely worth getting your hands on if you havent tried them yet there is a colour pack demo in the store.

Not from Truth but so beautiful I have been wearing it on and off for the past two days, is the very creative Agroglyphe- Soft necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai , ok aside from the brilliant design, you get resizing aannnndddd texture change on click, and not just the metals but also the beautiful pendants, and NOT just all as one like I have done, but there are three groups, so you can make a little mix of all the different options, that gives you so many different looks in one item, YAY. There are also other pendant styles available seperately and they are all as gorgeous as this one.

Truth 3

If you are in a piratey mood, then the Jack Sparrow Capri’s are right up your alley. These are too cute, and caught my eye I think on the third visit, Im not joking, 5 times I went back and forth this morning lol. They also come in a number of colours, but I was so feeling the red. The cuffed bottoms have that lovely gold buckle on the side and the thin belted look at the front make you just want to be tugged on.

Wearing with the Lovely Hat/Hair and yes thats the name of it, I did tint the hat red – wonders why there is no red option huh huh huh ? -it has texture change for various cool colours though , just not red, but you can play so YAY. This is another definitely fun and casual look for the day, and again how cute do the Mini Flats and Heart top look with.
Truth 2

Very Rare I declare a fav in a mix- well I don’t think I do lol- but this one would have to be todays, which makes me happy and really cranky all at the same time lol. The reason for the cranky is that these ABSOLUTELY DIVINE PANTS! are no longer in his store *kicks some prims for effect*, I think some heavy duty nagging is in order, not that the poor guy hasn’t copped an earful already, mind you I have to behave , because OMG, HE LISTENED TO ME! you will know how towards the end :P.

Ok the pants I love love love, so I am hoping that many if not all of you picked them up when he had that HUGE Sale last month before he cleared it all out. The NEW Assasin Vest is just glorious, I just couldnt resist the pink , but again so many fab colours to choose from, the sleevelss somewhat shorty length is a great combo, and I love the big collar. The detailing on the texture is fabulous, and I can’t wait to see more like this, hopefully a longer sleeve long version for your winter.

The other NEW Hair is Ash and isn’t it prettyful too, the high pony is fab, and the side parted and then swept bangs are just scrumptious. If he wasn’t so lovable I’d hate this man for having so much talent- thats a big lie, I never hate anyone for that, I envy them, and am just grateful everyday they share it with us.

Truth 6

Hee Hee I wanted to be able to show all the tones, and this was the funnest way to do so lol. Also with a bit of Aussie Pride thrown in, in the form of the Australia Bikini from Adam n Eve, seeing as Truth hasn’t released any yet this was a fab option.

Truth 5
Truth 4

The skins ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have been waiting patiently for these. They are the NEW Rejuvenate Skins from TRUTH and they are just Gloriously Gorgeous. They come in singles or in a four pack, and the tones are as you can see just precious. In the main photos I am wearing my tone of choice which is Kashmir but I would easily wear any of the tones as they are all beautiful.

The first range of make-ups are soft and subtle , the eyes are smokey but not overly made up, so you could easily wear any of them all the time, day or night. The shading and detailing on the bodies of the skins are just wonderful, the collarbone is gorgeous, as is the back and bum , but for some reason its the knees that keep my attention, don’t ask me why, because I have no clue, I just likey them. The brows are also lovely, they come with a brow shape as worn, and they are really nicely styled for the overall face.

Now as for the listening to me part 😛 I happened to get in Truth’s box just in time, when discussing the new skins the first question was of course ” did you make shaved ?” I know , I can’t help myself, it just is a great option to have, the more and more I change into different designers clothing and see pants get lower and lower.

So now not only do you get a landing strip option , but you also get shaved YAYYYYYYY, so on that I might have to not nag him for at least a few days on other things lol. The strip is not high, but again its just good to be safe. So get thee to TRUTH and not only grab all the yummy clothes, shoes and hair, but get to trying on the new Rejuventaion Skins, DEMO DEMO DEMO !

All todays poses were from DELA.

Slurls to teleport to stores shown can be found HERE (click on name of store and it will open a Slurl Page for you)

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD is by VR Fetish/Fashion , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package ..HERE, HERE, HERE, or at the VR Fetish/Fashion Main Store.

My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
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Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
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