Magic of Oz

The Magic of Oz

Today is one of those days where I hate timezones etc. The long awaited Magic of Oz unveiling was tonight SLT 6pm , which was my 11am, now as that seems a perfectly reasonable time I was excited, for days and weeks and days and hours, excited to be able to return to the Magic of Oz.

But alas no, as many of you know I do weird hours, I live SL time even though my time is so far from that. So when it gets to 8-9 am my time I am usually drained and not really coherant. So deciding to take a power nap before the festivities I logged only to completely flake out and not awake until 11pm slt :(. So I am a Sad Munchkin now :((.

NOW for the UPSIDE , the Sim Magic of Oz by Candy Cerveau of Eye Candy, and Malkavyn Eldritch of Treasured Visions isn’t going anywhere. You see even though I missed what was probably a fabulous event, and one I really did want to go to, I was blessed with being invited for a sneaky with some fabulous other people a few weeks back, and what I saw and experienced is one of those times when you are ever so greatful you found Phils Place in the first place.

Straight out of the story book – lets be very clear , this sim is created after the book not the movie, and the book is fair game Malkavyn assured me- the sim is a beautiful build, creating beautiful areas for just relazing or falling asleep because of poppy plants , seriously Whimsy knows her stuff as you will see in the fantastic photos she took, as well as many others to give you a taste of the beauty that is Magic of Oz.

Flickr Group Pool HERE . The photos in the pool just show how inspiring this sim is, the Emerald City and the Witches Castle are just parts of the magnificence these two have put together, the effects you can get with different windlight settings again can be seen by the wonderful flickr submissions, and you yourself should make sure to take many happy snaps and add them to the pool.

This is going to be one of those SIms you just keep returning to and finding wonderful things you didn’t take in the first ten times , don’t you just love that ♥, I did try and go tonight and take some pics, but sculpties were showing as many facetted spheres and thats never good, but I will return soon and I hope that you all beat me there and take lots and lots of pics so I can keep enjoying the flickr pool.

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