Aries: For you it’s that time of year when you need to take stock, spend the next few weeks spring cleaning, that doesn’t mean put on sloppy tshirts and baggy pants and forget to do your hair. It means, find some beautiful resort wear, pull out that favourite outdoor seating, and plan for the upcoming months.

The holidays are fast approaching and you need to plan some gifts for loved ones, start now, do your research, check out who has gifting options, transferable items, and gift cards, know in advance, make a list of who you want to gift to this year and take notes, you might even find some lovelies for yourself while you do.

: This is your month for creativity, if there is something that you have wanted to make, or collab with someone on; now is the time. You have a flare that you haven’t yet shared, be it caution or just not having the right tools, look inward first; then outward. You already have some ideas, see if they are doable, ask for advice from others, don’t be too bull headed. There are so many things awaiting you.

Gemini: Romance is in the cards for you this month, whether it be with your already partner, someone new or finding love within yourself. None of these are going to happen without some effort on your part though. It’s time to get busy, but first you need to take a leap into the unknown, dare to be different, those things you have looked at and thought you can’t do, wear, or be, YOU CAN.

Romancing you is the first step, some beautiful lingerie a new tie, treat yourself to something pretty, it will show to others that you care about yourself.

Cancer: It’s going to take some guts, and strong will this month. Money is going to be something that at the start of the month you worry about, but some shrewd planning and budgeting will see you through. Look at what you already have, make some smart choices, Classic is the key, be bold without breaking the budget, be stylish by incorporating what you already have with some new pieces, its a mix and match month for you.

Leo: Be silent, Be still. You are going to have a tendency to be over dramatic this month, be careful of that socially, but use it fashion wise. Find a place you can have time to yourself, and piece together some exciting looks.

Check out catalogues, images, photos and piece together something that at first you wouldn’t dare wear and then do it. Also take some pics, whether you already have or start up Flickr/Snapzilla , using the drama positively and creatively , let out your lion/ess and Roar.

Virgo: You may be feeling out of sorts this month, it might be time for you to consider a change, not permanently- unless of course you love it. Indulge your body, do some shape experimentation, try on some other skins, if for nothing more than seeing yourself in a different light.

With the change in weather your hair might need a lift, if you tend to stick to one colour , lighten or darked it by a shade or two. When doing any changes to shapes, always ‘Save As’ and name it your name and a number, that way you can always go back to the shape you have on before the change.

Libra: Your month to shine, this month is about you, host an event, join others, be that social butterfly you can be. A host/ess should not try and outshine their guests with over the top outfits, reconsider those latest releases for another time and go back to some much loved stores and revisit some past releases. There are tonnes of items out there that you had no need for at the time, but now they are just perfect for your needs.

Scorpio: You have too much on your plate, scrape some off. Being pulled in different directions can be hard on the body and mind, take off a weekend this month and treat yourself to some time out, get that new manicure/pedicure you have been wanting, get some new swimwear and those fabulous sunglasses you have been dieing for, and spend the day at the beach or beside the pool or garden. Later in the afternoon when you are feeling refreshed, invite a few choice friends and just chillax; make the invitation drama free, but let them know you are there to listen if they need to talk.

: Outdoors is what you need the most of this month. Exploration is key, and by exploring I mean walking, ask some friends if they have LM’s to some favourite places, search out some destinations that are built around the natural formations of their sim. You are going to need some fabulously comfy shoes for this and some light clothing. Plan some outtings with others, where you spend the day really seeing whats out there.
Remember to make a notecard and save landmarks to it, with some notes on why you liked the destination, share this with others; and save it for your next day out.

Capricorn: Do you feel lucky, well do you?. You should, this is a lucky month for you, be it chairs, or just being in the right place at the right time, make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. Smart casual will see you well this month, making sure that whatever pops up you look good doing it, plan your looks with some extra options , if you are already dressed and get a sudden invite to something a bit more dressy be prepared to add some accessories, a strand of beads, a cute bag, changing to dressier shoes, plan for those occurances.

Aquarius: Just say no!, plan ahead with some cute thankyou but no thankyou cards, you can make your own for a more personal approach. This is not about insulting anyone or saying no to everything, but realising you can’t go to everything just because the invite is extended. Prioritise and this month your priority has to be you. It’s time to get your house in order.

Be it an actual house or just fixing that bulging inventory, it will take some work but you are worth it, if working on inventory, treating yourself to a new romper suit or boardies is the go, have it left out to change back into with the click of a folder, in between trying on things you need to put away.

Pisces: Cook up some fun this month, be it a fondu set you want to show off , or just a campfire with toasted marshmallows. Some see kitchens as silly in a virtual world, but you know that they are the soul of a home. You don’t have to have all the appliances to have that feeling, but some searching of BBQ’s or self serving food platters might be exactly what you need to feed your friends, a nice bottle of wine, some cheese and good conversation with great company is definitely in the cards.

Also check out some games, a great way to keep things flowing is with games you can all play, they dont have to be bought, something like Truth or Dare could be a riot in Phils Place, just be safe and respectful of others while doing so.

** These monthly starsign thingies are made up by myself, interpreted by my reading of the month ahead, only to be taken as fun but hopefully something you find intuitive for you this coming month.**