Get your addiction on

Trey Dope is the New sim that is opening its doors today at 9pm SLT, and holding a hunt that will consist of 18 little pills scattered across the sim.

It is the merging of 3 talented Japanese designers into one lovely space I had the pleasure of visiting yesterday.

DP Serendipity, Lotta and The Closet are the three stores occupying this space and you are going to really enjoy what they design, and the atmosphere they have created for their new Main stores.

DP Serendipity is going to have NEW items at the Opening and they are just GORGEOUS!.

Getting your Boho 70’s Chic on is no task with the incredible Aby dress.

This style is just beautiful and the textures in both the Brown version and the following Red are a delight.

Masuri the talent behind DP Serendipity confesses to being a 60’s and 70’s fan of fashion, and it shows through in almost all of her creations.

This dress just slides seductively down the length of your body, and in true 70’s style, it can move from all social circles to all social events.

Wearing the beautiful Ratan Jewelry from ::69::, the necklace bangles and earrings were just perfect for this dress, and of course you can guess what shoes are on underneath, yes thats right, the Tassel Wedges from J’s in the beige. I hadn’t planned on wearing them again so soon, and I am totally glad I got the Pipy shorter style Hair from Mirai as well the other day, I must have totally felt the flower power about to happen, and totally prepared and in love with the idea.
For the Red Aby the Dafy Hair in black from Mirai was perfect, as well as the Red Tassel Wedges from J’s.

Feeling like I spent the summer in Mexico, this gorgeous Turquoise Rosary necklace , also from ::69:: is just the perfect reminder of a blissful holiday.

I hope and I pray on my rosary that Masuri brings out the Aby in more colours, because this dress is one I can see many wanting to wear as often as possible.
Dancing, Strolling just looking stunning on a verandah somewhere , its all possible in this dress; and so much more.

The other NEW release from DP Serendipity is the Sassy Dress. A playful print with stylish maxi mini swing.

Not only is the skirt of this a trip waiting to happen – psychadelic baby, but the neck piece and the beautiful finish to the sleeves just makes this dress a Must Have .

Accessory possibilities could be endless with this dress, some long or short gloves, some big Jackie O Glasses , a mix of Audrey or Jackie and you will look stunning.

The hair is Venessa in pitch by Minnu Model Skins, the shoes are the lovely Gyala shoes that so remind me of the 60’s and moving into the 70’s with their modern take on the classic clog from Enkythings.

Skins are from Free Speerit and don’t forget that sunday is going to be the new pricing, so get your demos sorted and be prepared.

DP Serendipity
Free Speerit

Now for the notecard info from the Trey Dope Opening

The Grand opening of 3 sims
for girls addicted to shopping

Hello from japan !
we are tReY dOpE.
We cooperated and made a wonderful 3 sims.
we wil be open at June 14th 9pm(SLT)

Landing point

you can see some information

LOTTA … furnitures, poses

Cool and cute stuff for you who that like both styles and can be relaxed with funitures that got a used look ..
we have many animations and poseballs too

In the future , I will have second lotta shop, it will have a kind of naughty moods
more info about the new shop will come soon!

DP Serendipity … clothes

For every awesome and cute girls …
I have casual line, formal line and also retro line
My designed clothes has refined [noble] look.
Stay cool :))

please come and visit my shop and if you explore you may find my relaxing spa in my sim

THE CLOSET … clothes, accessory

This is the locatition for the main shop of The Closet
My designe is a kind of bohemian and hippie style

Is about adult punk rock style clothes in DUaL.
At first you will pass a forest and will find a lodge and a old shelter inside it

Can you find the entrance in the shelter?

In addition , we will hold treasure hunt event as a opening happening.
Look for ” pill ” our special gifts are hidden in pills
They include dummy stuff too
and you cant find our freebie other our shops
Don’t miss it !

6/14 9pm ~ 6/24 8am(SLT)
6/15 1pm ~ 6/25 12pm(JPNT)

If you have some questions
Please IM Masuri Dryke or bambi63 Rehula

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My Posestand is by VR Fetish/Fashion and also available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch
[LAP] Long Akward Pose
Ana Lu Fresh Poses
Naughty Neko Designs