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Flash Ahaaaaaaa

Flash Post


Flash aaaaaaa, I am not going to call these looks of the day, because honestly I log in and out so much in my own 24 hours, that sometimes two different days occur, and I change a lot during any particular run of time. But often I end up in an outfit I just like and may stay in for a few hours or minutes :P it depends.

A few stores at The Deck will be having reduced, free and dollarbie items out this week starting25th to 31st…so Whimsy and I were running around snapping them up. Not all items in the pic are from those stores, but I was having fun changing back and forth that I declared it was time for a Flash post and while I am writing this Whimsy is taking pics of her own.

The skin I have on is actually part of the Sperm hunt, and is actually free at Idiosyncrasy, and is a gorgeous skin and make up, also during the week there are 4 vintage make ups on this skin for only 100L so make sure you grab those between tomorrow and the 1st Nov.

The armwarmers are just delish, and come in packs of three, I really like the addition of the belted straps to them, it’s a nice degree of edgey, and they work in well with the belted Burmuda shorts that are all LOVE LOVE LOVE. The tank is from Miseria, also at the deck they are reduced for the week , so cute and on all layers.

Lol so much for a flash post, Mel turned up and decided he wanted to play too, so I stopped typing and took some pics of him as well :) he is my Brownzilla he actually coined the phrase for me when I met him a long time ago, I sold him lots of suits and he told me I was high maintenance lol, didn’t that become a truth for him lol.

As usual I ended up yacking as much in a mini post as I do in a regular one………………………

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Picture 1:

Hair: Moon – Magika

Skin: Mia Pin Up 5 – Idiosyncrasy ( Sperm Hunt Gift item)

Clothes: Lowrise Burmuda Shorts – Urbanity @ The Deck

Bon Appetite Tank – Miseria @ The Deck (Reduced for week)

Shoes/Boots: Long Boots – J’s

Accessories: Silver Pearl Wrapped Choker – Dahlinks

Yummeh Twig – Urbanity @ The Deck (Freebie during Halloween week)

Arm WarmersAramis @ The Deck ( reduced by 50% for Halloween week)

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Miseria

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: The Law – Armidi

Skin: sk-chx-fullG – LeLutka

Clothes: Boyd Dress Trousers , Long Sleeve Henley – Whippet & Buck

Shoes/Boots: Cargo – Hoorenbeek

Eyes: Deep Blue Eyes – LeLutka

Poses/Animations: DARE

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

VR Emoter HUD – VR Foundry FREE

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Buzzing all over SL with Whimsy and Ashia. Whimsy took me to a store, then I took her to a store, then we both took Ashia to a store and yeah, it’s like that lol. I really liked the look I ended up with , picking up pieces to add to bits I bought yesterday and the day before.

Who wouldn’t love pants called Pudding, regardless of the name being so awesome, the pants are fabulous, and come in a great colour range…and the price is nutso. Paradisis has recently relocated and their new build is woah..and the gardens of the main building are just delightful. So much so that with all that black and yellow, I felt right at home today.

The top I am wearing is actually part of the Summer Breeze dress from OhMai, I really loved the bright sunshiney colour of the dress, and am so happy that it’s styled so well to get wear out of it as a top as well.

Dahlinks does some fabulous Jewelry, so the other day when I saw that they had newness I made a mental note and today dragged Whimsy over to get some of the wonderful Chloe back knotted beads, I got these ones and the other set also, one set was scripted to resize these ones however are no mod and not scripted, so if you have an issue with that be aware.

With the New and super fabulous Esprit XTD by Maitreya Gold, I was able to combine the Noir bases with the Lemon accents, and painted my toenails the same lemon colour , woohoo I love these shoes.

The skin I am wearing is from Vive 9, the other day I was talking to Athena Loring of Miseria about how incredible she looks in her vendor ads, and she mentioned that her skin was from Vive 9, so Ashia got me the info and I went by there last night and got the fat pack of the Miranda skin, they are really adorable faced skins, the body is different than I am used to, but for the price it was a crazy if I didn’t moment.

All of the skins at Vive 9 are very character based, and so many to look at, so grab all the demos go home and really take the time to check out each one, there are also two boxes of gift skins on the small table in the centre of the room.

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Picture :

Hair: Comori – Wild O

Skin: Miranda – Vive 9

Clothes: Summer Breeze dress (top portion) – OhMai

Pudding Pants – Paradisis

Shoes/Boots: Esprit XTD – Maitreya Gold

Accessories: Chloe Back knotted beads – Dahlinks

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Oracul

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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