Clothing Fair 2009

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    Relay for Life Clothing Fair – SLink, Fleur, VR Foundry, CKS Designs, Adam n Eve, SySy Designs

    Roslin Petion of Fleur always has this insane ability to catch me on a posestand, it used to be not so strange as I was pic taking all day for a long time, but the last few times it has been bloggers fate for sure.

    I was one pic in and as soon as I saw the New Shoujo skins I knew I had to start over.

    The post today is items that are featured at this years Relay for Life Clothing Fair 2009. HERE Is a list of all the sims and the stores that are featured on each one, tomorrow is the last day, so make sure you head on over.

    This first dress is the VR Foundry Relay for Life item, during the fair; the money from each sale of the Deep Red Fantasy Dress will go to Relay for Life. So many people I know, and people I have come across just loved the Black Fantasy, so to have such a deep and gorgeous Red available now is a MUST HAVE!, but I have been informed that there are other colours to come soon as they have been requested by all the Fantasy fans.

    The Deep Red Fantasy Dress comes with not only the long and sexy dress, but also the sheer crossover straps teddy which you can wear seperately and is just a lovely extra. The other extra and something I wear often with pants, shorts whatever, is the incredibly delicate belly chain that comes with the Fantasy dress. So remember all sales during the fair of this dress in the deep red will go to RFL.

    The hair is an older style from ETD but so elegant, and is the Anisa style, ETD is still under construction but soon to be re-opening.

    This is not one of the New Fleur Skins but an older one, the Vivant Lalique which is so sultry and the perfect colour blend for this dress, there are many beautiful deep make ups at Fleur, the newer ones are very light and incredibly delicate, sooo gorgeous but I wanted to wear this one for this dress.

    The Medalion Set of Earrings and Bracelet, and the Burgundy Hair Rose are all by Essentia, and well you know I think they are Must Haves, there are DEMOS at the Essentia Main Store.

    The Shoes I am wearing are brand new today, they are the Caged Platforms by SLink, and as they are SLink shoes that means they have feet. Since the Glamour Shoes I have shown in the past SLink shoes have gone even further in the HUD additions.

    Motivated by how VR Foundry Posestand HUD has two sides that rotate depending on need, the Omni HUD that comes with the SLink Shoes now flips around to give so many more options, and WOW what options. Not only do you get the tintable skin options for the feet, but there are so many incredible extras for the shoes.

    Lockable Feet is an option that is similar to the Boot Fixer, giving the ankles an animation keeping them in place so that straps and the tops of the sculpted foot don’t interfere with your stylish look. But not only lockable ankles but also now the addition of Pointe, so that those that are going with the bare foot look from SLInk can kneel or sit coyly and it will only enhance the experience.

    More metal options for the incredible prim work of the Caged Platform Heels themselves, and the amazing detailing up the front of the foot into the straps. More Toering options for left and right or without. A huge assortment of toepolish colours, as well as the addition of Nail Art for the larger toes.

    Now also with the addition of stocking toes, for when tinting feet to match stockings or pantyhose you may be wearing, now I am not a huge fan of open toed and stockings, but in some cases it is acceptable it depends on the shoes, but the fact you can do it rocks lol. There is also a slider resizer for those that don’t want to feel that size 0 feet is the only option.

    The prim work as stated is just incredible on these shoes, each part of the cage work is individual primmage, and it really shows the dedication that Siddean has to making our feet feel treasured and pampered.

    I have seen people in chat – which makes me cringe – comment on the negatives of prim toes/feet etc, and it is always about how hard it is to tint them etc, just remember something very very important, you cannot get them 100% spot on, because every single skin uses different methods to reach the desired tones, every single person in SL is seeing SL differently than you, it will never matter if you are all using the exact same WL settings unless you have the same pc with same graphics and same exact lighting RL you will see things differently.

    ALSO and this is the most important part, no ones feet are the exact same shade of skin colour as their legs lol, we spend so much time with our feet inside of shoes, that it is natural for them to slightly differ, just like our torsos don’t match our arms. So lighten up on yourself and others, and just enjoy the pretties, because otherwise you will either send yourself balmy trying too hard , or you will miss out on the fun of having sexy shoes.
    Popfuzz released this Nadia Dress recently and this tight and sexy number is in pink for RFL Clothing Fair , there are a huge range of other colours available but the sale of this one will go to RFL during the fair.It has a zippered front that if it was RL you would have to pin on the inside to ward off any lecherous zipper attacks lol, or not, depends on if you like suddenly baring all.

    It is tight, tight, tight, and in true Popfuzz style it has taken into account any issues with the system templates, Popfuzz has added prim sleeves to the dress and even though it looks like they arent there at all, that is the point, they are purely to neaten up the template line of the sleeve, she goes above and boyond with all her creations that way.

    There is a super kinky Naughty Nurse Nadia dress costume also for sale, not for RFL.. that is a special complete set including skins that you need to check out also, I will be showing that another day.

    The Skin I am wearing is the Shoujo by Fleur in the Boutique Azalea tone, the make up is number 5 and there are 6 make ups in total for this release that is due out tomorrow. As per usual the bodies of the skins are soft and romantic, with all of the delicate features that you love from Fleur skins.

    The faces of the Shoujo skins are just lovely, so pretty in features, and soft and alluring. I really love this new range of make ups too and they worked perfectly with the range of clothes I was shooting, so timing is everything.

    The hair is another New release by SLink or recent release, the Lorelei hair is a long tail style with different bands traveling up the tail itself, keeping such a thick tail tame. The hair at SLink also comes with an incredible hud to change textures with giving you so much range with the one wig, the bands also have texture change capabilities.

    I of course had so much fun changing Toenails and metal features with the Caged Platforms, also by SLink, DEMO DEMO DEMO.

    One ofthe Must Haves with the New Shoujo Skins is the New Stella Dress by CKS Designs, Kit being a huge fan of all that Fleur does it was a no brainer on reshooting. The Stella dress is a mid thigh asymetrical Cocktail dress, that comes in this lovely pink cherry colour for RFL.

    Other colours are also available at the fair, and this is only one of the RFL items on offer by CKS Designs. The foral look adornment on the dresses one strap can be worn with or without, both ways looks great, and the strappy back is definitely inviting trouble, what man can resist straps lol.

    With the Stella dress I am wearing the Love Song Necklace from Sable Rose, the colours in this lovely necklace just enhance the whole romantic look. The Jacquie hair is another style from SLink and I really like the Jackie O style updo, this is not the first retro look style with a Jackie O name that has come out of SLink, so I am seeing a real vintage influence in her style.

    The lips on Shoujo are just wonderful, had to share that observation, coz I like so totally paused then.


    Another Incredible Relay for Life item is the Marblelous Gown from SySy Designs, very steam punky in texture, this gown has such a lovely essence about it. The colour scheme has this mix of leather against bare skin kind of feel to it, but you are completely covered… a bit naughty if you ask me.

    I love how this looks with the innocent look of the Shoujo Spring 4 Make Up, the blush on the cheeks giving it a demure and bashful look, where with the illusion of the dress can be incredibly striking. The Marbelous gown also comes with the wonderful beaded choker, featuring a soft flower at the front, a great piece that you can wear with many other pieces in your inventory.

    The Ashley hair by SLink has so much more going for it than I captured in the picture, a lovely braid amongst the loose bun style, you will need to check out the DEMO for yourself, a fabulous transition style which can move from casual all the way to formal, and everything in between.

    Make sure you pay attention to the wonderful Eyes I am wearing in todays post, these are the Chemistry Grey Eyes from PanJen , very beautiful and we all know how much I loves my grey. While you are checking out the eyes, make sure you grab all her lashes as well, they are amazing.
    Lastly not a RFL item, but featured at the fair this year is the amazing Glamour Gown by Adam n Eve. This gown has three skirt options, the full gown as shown and a micro mini and flexi mini. The gowns that come out of Adam n Eve are always so amazing, this is no exception.

    The colour for a start is remarkable, the shading and detailing on the bodice of the dress is superb. My favourite part as I am sure it will be everyones is of course the sequin effect across the breasts, thats almost a blend of silver and gold, which I just love.

    The Jewelry I am wearing is from Primagine, a set that is by name Everyday, but in this incidence could be called Special Occasion. Beautiful craftmanship on these pieces, the heart featured on earrings, necklace and bracelet is just lovely with its Diamond insert, the bracelet is my fav of the pieces because it has that charm bracelet quality I love, all the pieces tie in so well with the gown.

    Make sure you do not miss out on the items at Clothing Fair, it ends tomorrow so you do not want to miss out, and even if you have been already, give it a whirl again, you may find something that you missed the first time.

    Such an incredible cause, and so much hard work has gone into it, a big congrats to all that took part and a huge hug for all those that ventured over with the right frame of mind.

    Don’t forget also the Shoujo Spring skins will be released Sunday 22nd so make sure you DEMO up a storm.

    Remember the clothing is all available at the RFL Clothing Fair click HERE for SLURLS.

    Click HERE to TP to the stores shown.

    Hair by: SLink, ETD

    Skin by: FLeur

    Clothing by: VR Foundry , Popfuzz, CKS Designs, SySy Designs, Adam n Eve

    Jewelry/Accessories by:

    Shoes by: SLink

    Poses by: Long Awkward Pose

    Posestand Professional and Hud by: VR Foundry

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD/Library is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more.

    The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store. now also with stand alone Library HUD, for on location shoots in no build areas – no notecards needed.

    Volumen Lashes by LeLutka which I wear all the time and would go spare without.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:


    Digital Dragon Designs

    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses

    Happy Dispatch




    [LAP] Long Akward Pose


    Ana Lu Fresh Poses

    Naughty Neko Designs

    Imperial Elegance

    Lost Angels

    Studio Sidhe

    Vista Animations


    Le Boudoir Mode d’Ambre

    Reel Expression

    Ex- Pose & Roodie Noodie

    Aphrodite Creations



    Street Magic

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    Clothing Fair- Relay for Life 3rd Annual

    It is 10 Minutes until one of the biggest events of the year takes place, make sure you deprim and enjoy the beautiful layout of the 8 Vendor Sims and 1 Entertainment Sim at this years Clothing Fair. Remember One item minimum from each vendor will be donating all funds to Relay for Life.

    Congratulations to all involved on their incredible dedication that started last September.

    Click HERE for more up to date info.

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    Designer Photo Contest-RFL Clothing Fair

    RFL Clothing Fair 2009 is less than 24 hours away. Starting tomorrow 16th March SLT the fair will run for one week, where 170 designers will be selling their products and also having up for sale an item where ALL money will go to RFL.

    Many other events are happening during Clothing Fair one of which is the Photo Competition.


    Details from Notecard.

    The RFL Fundraising season is now on its way.  This gives us an opportunity to have an amazing fundraiser as part of the fair .

    So…Its time for the first annual Clothing Fair RFL Photo contest!

    Category name: RFL exclusive style (both categories: Male and Female)

    Goal: Mix and Match the exclusive items available from the  RFL-kiosks during RFL Clothing Fair to create a composite style.
    Each Item must be purchased from the fair.
    The look must include items from at least 3 different designers.
    The person must add on the description of the photo the reference of store name and item name for each RFL-item that comprise the final look, so other people can buy them if they wish  have the same look.
    Mix and Match

    Prizes will be given to the Best Male and Best Female COMPOSITE. This event is sponsored by the designers of the fair and photoLIfe. Each winner will recieve a brand new photoLIfe Studio plus a wonderful gift bag from the designers.

    Just some basic rules to remember…1. all photos must be PG rated…absolutely NO nudity…2. May be post processed. We want your best work … .3. Focus of the photo must be a of RFL outfits purchased at the fair…4. No more then three entries  per person…5.Have fun!

    Upload your entry to

    Contest Runs from 10am slt March 16, 2009 till 6pm slt March 22, 2009 .  Winners will be announced at Party  at 6pm-8pm  slt on March 23 on the Entertainment sim at the Fair.

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    Clothing Fair is just around the corner

    Clothing Fair 2009 to raise funds for Relay for Life is in its third year, 170 designers and 9 full sims are going to be opening to the public Monday the 16th of March.

    This is going to be one of the largest events of the year as always and you will not want to miss out. Every designer will be selling a Relay for Life items were proceeds will go to RFL from Second Life, which is something that is so incredible, last year they raised 4.5 Million Lindens and this year hope to top that and beyond, which is where you come in of course :).

    Make sure you know in advance who is being featured at this years event , there will be a huge list of slurls and info HERE over the weekend in preparation, so make sure you book mark it.

    Clothing Fair will be hosting many events during the fair week, one of which will be a huge Photo Competition which you can get info about at the entrance to each sim once it commences.

    BLOGGERS Take note, prior to the opening of the fair a special press invite has been extended by Nevar Lobo, so if you contacted Nevar prior to sunday you can be added to the group, but you must be doing so to cover the event on your blog.

    Sim 1

    Sim 2

    Sim 3

    Sim 4

    Sim 5

    Sim 6

    Sim 7

    Sim 8

    Entertainment Sim