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Clothing Fair is just around the corner

Clothing Fair 2009 to raise funds for Relay for Life is in its third year, 170 designers and 9 full sims are going to be opening to the public Monday the 16th of March.

This is going to be one of the largest events of the year as always and you will not want to miss out. Every designer will be selling a Relay for Life items were proceeds will go to RFL from Second Life, which is something that is so incredible, last year they raised 4.5 Million Lindens and this year hope to top that and beyond, which is where you come in of course :).

Make sure you know in advance who is being featured at this years event , there will be a huge list of slurls and info HERE over the weekend in preparation, so make sure you book mark it.

Clothing Fair will be hosting many events during the fair week, one of which will be a huge Photo Competition which you can get info about at the entrance to each sim once it commences.

BLOGGERS Take note, prior to the opening of the fair a special press invite has been extended by Nevar Lobo, so if you contacted Nevar prior to sunday you can be added to the group, but you must be doing so to cover the event on your blog.

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