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    Second Life for Haiti

    Red Cross Ad

    The people of Haiti need your help, and Second Life is the perfect opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve. The main thing that Second Life seems to be the least known for in RL is it’s charitable works, but we don’t care, because we won’t stop giving.

    When there are people as dedicated as the incredible content creators, and passionate people of the grid, there will always be as much done for those in need as possible. The devastating effects of the disaster that has befallen Haiti will take a long time to remedy, and with time there is always need for money.

    A large amount of creative people have already banded together to raise money to help the Red Cross help those in need. For roughly two weeks proceeds from this event will ALL go to The Red Cross appeal for Haiti. So dig deep, because every linden will help…and unlike RL in Second Life you get to often take home a little something for your donation.

    There are clothing items, decorative items, homes, Poses  and as much as you can possibly walk away with. There are also Charity bins to donate straight into.

    Please do what you can, and if you cannot donate money, then make sure you spread the word about this event. If you are a creator/designer and want to set up an item where money will go to this Charity, please contact OMGWTF Barbecue in world.

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    Hair Fair Extension

    Thanks to the good and generous people at Beta Technologies, some understanding Lindens, and the Hair Fair participants…Hair Fair is being extended until the 6th of July, that means that many that wouldnt have been in world until the weekend will still have a chance to visit before the end.

    Due to all the sims going down at various stages the first two days, we have extended the fair until the 6th, Hair Stores participating will still be able to set up in their own stores on the 5th as usual, but we will be able to have all of that wonderful hair in the four sims for extra time. This is exciting news.

    Do not forget to visit the Auction location at the Hair Fair, Brandy Rasmuson worked so hard on getting this area set up , the chance to big on exclusive hair from some of your favourite designers is awesome. If you bid and are outbid your money will be returned to you, please make sure that when you bid you know that the money will come from your account in the meantime.

    Also don’t forget Bandana Day is the 3rd of July , the day when everyone replaces their hair with a bandana in support of those that have lost hair due to illness. All the bandana’s are located at the landing points for each sim, different ones at each location, all 50L and transferable. So make sure and buy a few and gift to those that can’t make it, always good to have some spare for the day.

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    Hair Fair Updates

    From Hair Fair Blog :
    Real World Hair Donations
    Posted on August 8, 2008 by Teagan Blackthorne

    Two weeks to go until the Hair Fair. It is time to take a moment to talk about the wonderful charity, Locks of Love. This charity accepts donations of money and hair to help build wigs for children who have hair loss due to medical conditions or medications which can include chemotherapy, burn injuries, genetic disease, and the like. These wigs are provided for children under the age of 18 in the United States and Canada. Each hairpiece can cost between $3500 to $6000 USD so every donation is appreciated.

    Read the rest HERE

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    Hair Fair Events Planning

    Ok so first off I am going to point out that I will probably copy paste this again on monday or other days just to be sure everyone see’s it :P, but as its for Charity you won’t mind I’m sure. Also as the Official Hair Fair blog doesn’t hit all feeds I am posting here as I am on the committee, but ANYONE who wants to spread the word can contact me in world or just link to the blog HERE.

    Last year we did a few events that we are repeating this year, one of those is of course Bandana Day and the others will change but the concept of prizes for them will be the same. Last year all that was arranged only two weeks prior and many weren’t given enough time to be involved, so this year we are making sure you all know well in advance.

    The Bandana Day Kits have been sent to the participants of Hair Fair , but also many other designers but by no means ALL, so if you are interested in making a Bandana for Hair Fair contact me in world for one.

    You do NOT have to be a Hair Creator to be involved. You also do NOT have to own a store, this is the kind of thing that is important to so many people in world, and my experience last year means I know that many would love to do something to help but feel that because they aren’t a store etc they can’t be, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!.

    ALL the money from the sales of the Bandana’s will go to Locks of Love the charity of choice for Hair Fair this year and past years. So that being said anyone who wants to create a bandana please contact me 🙂 . I have already received wonderful ones not only retextured with beautiful prints, but also some with amazing prim work added and themed lol sooooooooooooooo cute, cant wait for you all to see them.

    Just be aware these have to come back to me full perms , and wont be able to be sold by anyone but the Hair Fair , you must also guarantee 100% that the textures are yours to use and prim work as well.

    Ok now on to the second part , PRIZES, there are events as I said that will be run during Hair Fair, and for those we need prizes , I have already collected promises from many designers for this, the promise is in the form of a notecard as we do not want anyone changing perms to their items to do this.

    Now we of course will be approaching Hair Fair Participants for Prizes for different events , but for some of them, again, its a case of other people wanting to be involved as they were last year.
    There was a bit of confusion with my Prizes Requests note card that went out to Designers , based on them not making hair 🙂 I knew that, thats why it was sent, but I am sorry that it caused confusion. The Prizes requests are for designers and creators who would like to be involved to fill in the notecard I have that states what they will give the winners.

    This can be anything from a particular item or items , or gift cards or an amount to use in their stores. I do not want to collect the items from Designers as again this would mean possibly having to change perms to make them passable.

    The notecard asks for this info :

    Store Name :

    Avatar Name ( Your Name) :

    Prizes Donated :

    Then to be sent to Sasy Scarborough in world with the notecard named : Hair Fair Prizes (Your Store and Your Name )

    So if you want to you can just make one and send it to me with that info included…The generosity has been incredible as usual but again dont want anyone missing out on the chance to be involved , once the events start being listed on the blogs the names of each store donating prizes will be included in each posting of events.

    If anyone has any questions about either of these things IM Sasy Scarborough or Serendipity Nerd in world or send Sasy Scarborough or Serendipity Nerd a notecard which is preferable so we don’t miss the question.

    Thanks Again In Advance

    Sasy Scarborough
    Hair Fair Committee

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    Come help Lexi Morgan of Stellar Designs raise funds for RFL , this INCREDIBLE Beachside Carnival has been set up , with Dunking booths , Dancing , Fairy Floss and Rides its AWESOME and you can dunk Lexi in a vat of water for only 10L for three tries I got her in once wooohoooo


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    Big Heart Fabulous Shoes

    If you are not already-like me- a HUUGE fan of Enkythings, then today is the day to start.

    I have over the last year or more spent lots of time in Designer Enktan Gully’s IM Box and one thing I know for sure, is he has not only incredible shoe making skills….BUT a HUUGE Heart. Today that has been shown to the grid in the form of his latest release the Fujin Saena Shoes.

    I will share with you that haven’t already seen it his notecard that he sent with the release of these shoes but honestly, when someone this talented creates something and lowers the price and donates it all to such a cause, you know you just have to hurry on over and grab them.

    ****The Fujin version of the enkythings Saena were a request by ShujinTribble Kawanishi and his ‘End of Cycle for Sarcoma’ team.
    In May 2005 ShujinTribble lost his wife Fujin after a near 3 year-long battle against angiosarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer. She was 34 years old and left behind a daughter and her husband. The ‘End of Cycle for Sarcoma’ team rides in Fujin’s honour..

    Mimika Oh made a Second Life version of Fujin’s favorite dress, a red cheongosam. The Fujin Saena shoes were made to go with this dress. The dress is available for free on SLExchange, search for ‘Fujin’.

    Thank you for considering buying these shoes. Your donation will go entirely to The Ride For Roswell.

    More information at:


    Please get on over there and show how big your hearts are too.

    Much love

    xoxo Sasy xoxo