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Hair Fair Events Planning

Ok so first off I am going to point out that I will probably copy paste this again on monday or other days just to be sure everyone see’s it :P, but as its for Charity you won’t mind I’m sure. Also as the Official Hair Fair blog doesn’t hit all feeds I am posting here as I am on the committee, but ANYONE who wants to spread the word can contact me in world or just link to the blog HERE.

Last year we did a few events that we are repeating this year, one of those is of course Bandana Day and the others will change but the concept of prizes for them will be the same. Last year all that was arranged only two weeks prior and many weren’t given enough time to be involved, so this year we are making sure you all know well in advance.

The Bandana Day Kits have been sent to the participants of Hair Fair , but also many other designers but by no means ALL, so if you are interested in making a Bandana for Hair Fair contact me in world for one.

You do NOT have to be a Hair Creator to be involved. You also do NOT have to own a store, this is the kind of thing that is important to so many people in world, and my experience last year means I know that many would love to do something to help but feel that because they aren’t a store etc they can’t be, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!.

ALL the money from the sales of the Bandana’s will go to Locks of Love the charity of choice for Hair Fair this year and past years. So that being said anyone who wants to create a bandana please contact me 🙂 . I have already received wonderful ones not only retextured with beautiful prints, but also some with amazing prim work added and themed lol sooooooooooooooo cute, cant wait for you all to see them.

Just be aware these have to come back to me full perms , and wont be able to be sold by anyone but the Hair Fair , you must also guarantee 100% that the textures are yours to use and prim work as well.

Ok now on to the second part , PRIZES, there are events as I said that will be run during Hair Fair, and for those we need prizes , I have already collected promises from many designers for this, the promise is in the form of a notecard as we do not want anyone changing perms to their items to do this.

Now we of course will be approaching Hair Fair Participants for Prizes for different events , but for some of them, again, its a case of other people wanting to be involved as they were last year.
There was a bit of confusion with my Prizes Requests note card that went out to Designers , based on them not making hair 🙂 I knew that, thats why it was sent, but I am sorry that it caused confusion. The Prizes requests are for designers and creators who would like to be involved to fill in the notecard I have that states what they will give the winners.

This can be anything from a particular item or items , or gift cards or an amount to use in their stores. I do not want to collect the items from Designers as again this would mean possibly having to change perms to make them passable.

The notecard asks for this info :

Store Name :

Avatar Name ( Your Name) :

Prizes Donated :

Then to be sent to Sasy Scarborough in world with the notecard named : Hair Fair Prizes (Your Store and Your Name )

So if you want to you can just make one and send it to me with that info included…The generosity has been incredible as usual but again dont want anyone missing out on the chance to be involved , once the events start being listed on the blogs the names of each store donating prizes will be included in each posting of events.

If anyone has any questions about either of these things IM Sasy Scarborough or Serendipity Nerd in world or send Sasy Scarborough or Serendipity Nerd a notecard which is preferable so we don’t miss the question.

Thanks Again In Advance

Sasy Scarborough
Hair Fair Committee