Hair Fair

Hair Fair 2024 – Bandana Day ♥

Happy Bandana Day 2024

Hair Fair Hares


It is the last day of Hair Fair so traditionally that is Bandana Day. You still have until Midnight SLT 16th June, to get your Bandanas, Hairwraps and Hair Fair Hares. They are all mod/transfer, so you can gift them to others, or just keep them all for yourself, and 100% goes to Wigs for Kids. I am so grateful to everyone that creates for them, those that decorate the ones we provide, those that create their own, and to Mirja Mills and Anya Ohmai for creating the bases of the Wraps and Hares for us to decorate each year and make unique, and of course Mel Vanbeeck for the Bandana base ♥

All Hair Fair info can be found HERE

You can see more pictures from participants as well as other fantastic Bloggers and Residents sharing their Hair Fair looks HERE on Flickr in our Hair Fair 2024 Group.