Macros for Blogging and Second Life

A few years ago, I was finding it very difficult to keep typing the same things, day in and day out. I spoke to Mel about it and he recommended I use a Macro Keyboard. I jumped on it, as I had not realised that macros could also just be blocks of text, so now I not only have a Logitech G110 keyboard, but also a G13 Gamepad as well. You can see how I use it in the video, because I have so many macros, I could not show you everything, but it is easy to set up, and will be a great addition to your day to day. You will need to have sounds on to hear me in the video.

I have also used macros to name my products, as they are all essentially named the same thing, with a different number at the end. This would probably make naming lots of items a lot easier for some. I do know though you can do that in firestorm by selecting all items and writing in the name section.


I hope you find this useful for you, have a great week ahead.

Sasy Scarborough

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BRILLIANT tip, Sasy! I don’t have a macro keyboard but I use the program AHK (AutoHotkey) for work, and I never thought to use it for creating hotkeys/macros for things like credits or repetitive blogging tasks. You’re a legend! 🙂

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