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It has been a few weeks since I have done a blog post, and a lot took place. The latest UPDATE to the Slink Physique Body took place, and if you do not have 1.4 you need to get over there and redeliver it so you can have all the new features. There is a full notecard of changes included, and the new hud is a really attractive looking hud, maybe more so because we all get to look at Siddean in her undies.

One of the most saught after updates is the alpha zones now turn off front and back instead of the previous left and right. I have obviously not had as much problem finding clothing that fits with my body, as I have only worn it with everything since the release, so I was doing ok, but this new ability to hide the back definitely opened a whole lot of doors to older items. We also have a few more alpha areas at the waist/bum area, so lower pants are just perfect.

Other features are sheen and droplets, which are making use of the fantastic new abilities to control materials through scripts, that will open up a whole slew of possibilities for creators. There is even an option for clothing details that will mean designers that will want to use added options for realistic looking clothing will be able to do so with the appliers they can create for the body…I am really looking forward to seeing how that works in the future.

Alpha Mask buttons have been also added, which are a work around for the Alpha Sorting (Z fighting) that SL has issues with…giving those that want their tattoos and clothing, or underwear and clothing on different layers to actually work with the help of these additions in the HUD. To use the masks you use the mask that pertains to the upper option of wear – if wearing clothes over tattoos you would use the clothes mask, undies over tattoos, you use the undies mask – the good thing is that you can toggle to your hearts content while you work it all out.

They also added a neck join gradient patch that you wear if you are wearing the SL default head, so that you don’t see a join and you can tint it to match your own skin, this may even come in handy for those that don’t have physique appliers for the body, but find something close enough from another creator, they can tweak the in between – possibly. This time around the neck portion that you wear if you wear the slink head is a separate attachment, this could also come in handy for other heads, not sure on that though, I haven’t taken my Slink Visage off in some time, maybe I will have a play later on and let you know.

Now speaking of heads and bodies, the NEW Visage appliers by Deetalez are the ones I am wearing today, and of course the appliers for hands, feet, and body. The body parts appliers are all in the one location in the store, but the heads have their own area, to avoid confusion for those that have not seen the head light yet :P.

Laura is a stunning face, I am wearing the powder B1 package, that has thinner brows than the B2 package, I actually like them both a lot, and may go back for the other but in the glossy version. You have to pay attention to what you are doing there, as there are B1 Matte and B2 Matte, and then B1 Glossy and B2 Glossy. Then you have eyeshadow mini hud, which has a fantastic smokey eyes, and a catliner look. The main head hud has 5 brown options , one of which is no brows. Then you have freckles and moles option, clear option and an incredible beauty mark look that is very European and striking….then four lipstick options and a natural look. Between all of this it is incredible value as options, and you only have to purchase the body, hands and feet appliers once.

I was scrolling through Zaara’s MP Store and dove into my inventory to find the Sana chintz jacket – we use MP and stores Flickr as visual inventory aids – the jacket fit the body beautifully and even allowed for the wearing of the Natasha bustier underneath, I didn’t even have to go sizes up to fit them, they fit like a dream and minimal alpha needed.

I knew instantly what pants I wanted to wear with them, and I hadn’t tried these with the body yet, but they fit everywhere perfectly except the lower legs. Nothing to do but tweak my shape a little in the leg muscle area, that would have been what my legs looked like without the body anyway as the shape of the pants dictate anyway…so it was as simple as sliding down and Save As name new shape Maitreya pants and I was done.

The colours of everything once the jacket went on were just fated, the shoes by Maitreya that are at this months C88 just brought it all home. These sandals are so Maitreya’s style and just beautifully created, with the beading, the leather work, it is just very much their whole ‘look’. The stitching is phenomenal and I adore the metallic disc work that gives it that tie in to the whole theme of the month.

I wanted some ambience for my picture and grabbed a beautiful chair from Trompe Loeil, which again fated, had the perfectly colouring for my whole ensemble, it didn’t take but a moment to grab the amazing drum set that is featured in our studio by 22769 that I picked up at a past TLC event and just adore so much. I love how soft and earthy everything is, and it really helped bring out the beautiful red in my Wasabi Pills hair that was perfect for the outfit and matched my new brows splendidly.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Trompe Loeil – Rivershire Chair w/ Cushion

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Kendang Rack

Poses by:



Ellis – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Physique Body, Visage Head – Slink 

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Flat Feet – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Laura – Deetalez

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 39 – Flair


Barbara – Wasabi Pills 


Sana chintz jacket , Natasha Bustier – Zaara’s 

Cropped Pants – Maitreya

Shoes :

Antheia Sandal (Slink-Flat) – Maitreya Gold @ Collabor88

Accessories :

Ladybug Ring – Yummy

Wench’s Choker – Pididdle