Posh Picnic and Flickr Temp Fix

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Picnic Party

Rag Dolls - Arcade

Picnic - Arcade

Yesterday I mentioned Ipernity, and I came across my first hiccup with it so far. I was unable to use the link to Plurk for just the image, where as with flickr and other services that is usually just a case of copying and pasting the URL. Whimsy has made a ticket to find out with them what the story is, she has a lot of tickets with them so far, she is so adorable. I actually opened up contact with them too about something, so I will keep you posted on what that is when/if I get a response. As I said, I am still using Flickr, never really intended to leave it, just have no issue uploading in two places…it’s just a new thing to do. Whimsy has made a ton of groups in there already, and people are joining and it could really be a great community as well. It is not like we all don’t have many places we spread our Second Lifeness around, this is just a new one.

Today I was playing around and discovered something interesting, YOU CAN GET YOUR OLD VIEW ON FLICKR BACK. This is not permanent, it does not stay each time you leave the page etc, but for those of you that want to see your own page in the old format and see everything at a glance, this is how.  On your own page, there is an edit menu, I circled it in the image, and when you press it PRESTO, there it is. Now what I don’t understand, is if this is a function hardcoded into their system, why can we not choose this as a setting preference ? Also if it is an option for our own page, why can we not make it something for all pages ? While I am so many degrees of separation from being a prude, again it is not a relaxing environment to open your Flickr MainPage and see the sites we are seeing now. While some will say, the pictures get more attention now being larger, I felt that contacts where large enough, as well as group pages, I have been able to see which images I have wanted to open and comment on easily for years, and always do so as much as I can. Anyway, for those that feel they want some breathing room, the edit option is a bit of a fix for that overwhelming page we have at the moment.

The Arcade as I mentioned yesterday is also about to open to the public, and many have already been in and are exclaiming how wonderful it all is. I have been blessed to be passed some items from the event, and had my only little Posh Picnic (Elate) tonight with my imaginary Rag doll Friends ( The Secret Store) – really it was just me using the VR Studio HUD – LOVE LOVE LOVE that – and taking pics of myself in these incredibly beautiful avatars in different locations on the same scene, and then layering them over each other and erasing the areas I didn’t need.

The Posh Picnic set is one of the great gatcha items for this event, and so cute an idea, as you can just collect as many of the pieces as you want/need. There are a few other foody themed items at the event I have seen, so all in all you will be spoiled for food choices for sure. The Ragdolls are just fantastic, and they have their very own AO that is just adorable, and I cannot imagine anyone not having fun dressed up this way, and can see a lot of the kiddies of SL playing with these for weeks to come.

I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week ……………..xoxSasyxox

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Architecture: Rock D – Fanatik 

Posh Picnic – Elate @ The Arcade 

Poses by:

(standing poses) Bloom  – Adorkable @ The Arcade 

Avatar Worn:

Rag Doll Avatars – The Secret Store @ The Arcade 

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