From the rooftops for Gidge Uriza

Sometimes, things just need to be shared as instantly as possible. They can be because they really resonate with you, and you want to scream from the rooftops about them….or just because you know as a member of a community there are things that will help that community and you again want to just shout from the rooftops. Well this blog has always been my rooftop if you will, and this was just one of those days of wanting to holler loudly and proudly.

Gidge Uriza wants to start a Plurk Clique, a Clique is a bit different from a friends list, in that you can select a clique to be the ones that share certain things…such as if you were a group that loved baking, or raided together in an MMO…that kind of thing. But this Clique is geared towards something very important, and an incredibly moving idea.

This is the plurk that Gidge put out on her timeline today, and many have responded and commented, and also replurked. My thought was that this needs to be something bigger than a Clique, something that includes an SL Group to connect people, and GoGo suggested a forum. I think that connecting through Plurk and Second Life, and then helping each other in a Forum setting would be wonderful, and so helpful. This is what Gidge wrote in part….

Gidge Uriza : I feel like there are lot of us who are impacted by autism as parents, or have it in their family, or are on the spectrum yourself. I thought maybe since it seems so hard to connect with people who live this kind of crazy alternate existence, maybe those of us on plurk might like to make a clique where we can share stuff. 


You can read the rest of it HERE on her plurk, and if any of you know anyone that needs this kind of support, or can help in anyway, or if you just have suggestions for how to go about setting up a forum, or know of any other in world groups that already do this, I think that Gidge and everyone else that responded would appreciate knowing.

I adore Gidge and her husband Silo, they are both such strong people, and they always have something fun to say, or a way of just making you chuckle. Gidge often just logs in takes pics for her blog she shares with Cajsa Lilliehook and then logs out again, getting so much done in such a little amount of time, that it is astounding that she can get as much as she does in a day.

I hope that Gidge, and all the people that do go through this every day know that their friends love and support them, but I do know that there’s a difference, there is an understanding that those going through this can relate to better, and I hope that through this idea they are able to release some feelings that they feel they could never do with their friends, in fear they just wouldn’t understand.