First Class to Japan to DP Serendipity

Valentines Day morning and everyone was sound asleep, I decided to hit some Japanese sims, which for me was like the regular trips to China town when I was younger.

I did so much shopping and unlike RL didn’t have to worry about parking or carrying all my bags, mind you asian stores always had the cutest bags. long before it was trendy to do that.

I found stacks I loved, and the prices as many of you know are incredible.
These items possibly aren’t new to anyone, but they are to me so I’m sharing lol.

The main feature today is DP Serendipity, and the first item is what I ended up wearing later on Valentines Day. The blush pink was just perfect and the style so pretty it just felt all romantic and sweet for the day.
It is called Syusu dress in Rose, and has the stunning silk texture with frlly blouse and the detailing is so good you would swear the bow at the neck was an attachment.
The drop waisted look has always been a favourite of mine, in the past I have gathered a few vintage styles similar and ended up wearing them until they died.

It has the lovely double wrap belt as a seperate attachment, but what I really loved other than the two sizes skirts and belt, was the prim attachments to the legs so that when you sit you dont have all your skirt around your bum and your glitch on show-yes I know smart skirts fix that but I am smart skirt disfunctional.

There were 4 colours available in this dress and it was painful stopping myself from buying the fat pack, and I stood there for ages deciding on which colour, the others were deep brown, creamy latte and mustard-which looked like god to me lol- but I opted for the rose.

When I got home and decided to change though, oh lord did I suffer trying to find shoes to match, and then like an angel Aphrodite Outlander‘s folder in my shoes folder started beckoning me. The ‘AC’ Vintish shoes are a superb choice in the ART pink/beige, as they aren’t so pink as to take away from the dress, and just a nice vintage style that totaly suits.
I love the Vintish range , there is something about the rounded toe that is just delightful, for dancing or work they are fabulous.

I went for the Riley hair from ETD as the shoulder length style with cute colour change clips was adorable- and if someone can tell me how to actualy colour change them Id be happy, as clicking doesnt work and I dont have a notecard in the folder 🙁 so edit linked parts is my friend.

The skin is the Sparkle Pale in Pink by Popfuzz designs and is a perfect match lipstick wise to the dress, the soft lipstick is like that colour your lips turn when you have been having a good pash, and doesnt look like lipstick at all- now thats a colour we can all love. The beautiful Red Harmony Hair Rose and Silver medallion set earrings and bracelet are by Essentia.

I cried when I saw these pants, I mean seriously, you know by now my love for grey, but tweed too in a modern look YUM!.
They are the NEP Tweed Pants and I wish they came in lots more colours, they do sit on the hips but I opted for a longer top with them for a more professional look.

The top I am wearing is proof you really need to disect the pictures you see on vendors, because lurking in there could be a stunner.
I found this for 10L I kid you not and its part of the Female Spyjacket set from Strawberry Milk. The cuffs and collar are just divine and the low neckline give it a really nice shape, it actualy also comes with a burgundy sweater and pants, so you could do all sorts of mix/matches with it.
The hair is an older style of Aden Breyers called Bridgette, and its a very neat do, but with darling loose tendrils and a cute headband keeping you all in place until its time to let your hair down.
I’m wearing Laynie-Wear Modded skin in this ensemble and its the Nude 7 which is of course the one with the subtle lips and grey shadow.
The shoes I have loved forever, as some of my favourite pants shoes, they are the Limelights by Maitreya and they come in a fabulous assortment of colours-but NO GREY sobs- but all is forgiven, as they go with so many things in the black and the other fabulous colours. I remember when clogs made their comeback in the 90’s and the black leather with the snap back strap you could wear flat to the foot or behind the heel, these remind me of those and I never took them off till I killed them-Yes it seems I kill clothes and shoes lol.

Now on to the last ensemble of the day, the sweater is the Aran by DP Serendipity and comes with all sorts of options as you can see, as well as on both shirt and jacket layer for those that want to show a little skin and those that dont.

I just love the blouse underlook- and it is attached so unfortunatly you cant just wear the pretty green blouse- but the two combined more than makes up for it. The lovely flowy sleeves and the incredible scarf as well, all in a beautiful rich brown wool knit. Now time for some info on Aran sweaters , because you see this is something I know :o) and I am really impressed they went with the correct term in the first place, of this style of knit.

The Aran is a type of sweater from the celtic regions and each one used to represent a particular clan- ok I am so just winging it so no one quote me, but its true-as in the sweater of each clan had a particular pattern that was their own. The reason for this is that they were worn by fishermen of each clan, to keep warm and because they were pure wool and the oils in the wool were protective from water spray they were appropriate.
Thing is though that they were heavy, still are if you get a real one- we have two in our household- so what would happen is if a fisherman fell overboard they would usualy drown as the weight from the jumper would drag them under…BUT, when the bodies were washed up on shore, people were able to identify which clan they were from, from the Aran sweater they wore and return their bodies to the right place….ok lesson over lets get back to the love lol.

I teamed up this incredible sweater with the gorgeous DP Dramatic skirt brown, but this is not the same store as DP Serendipity lol just so you dont get confused. This skirt is stunning also, the beautiful layered prims and the delicate ebroidered bottom that is also featured on the glitch underneath. The pretty as all get out silk waistband ending in a hip bow design, it really is fabulous and looks great with the Bloom boots also by Maitreya.

I am wearing the Jade necklace and earrings by Essentia in this ensemble, as the soft green needed to be added with the blouse layer wasnt there, as I so loved the green and rish chocolatey brown together.
The skin is the lovely Blu make up in the Pandora skin by Adam n Eve and look how divine my back looks, I love the Pandora back sooo much.

Hair is FREE and is called Izzy by the talented Truth Hawks of TRUTH, the reason it is free and only until february 18th is its his first SL birthday this week HAPPY REZDAY TRUTH! it really is a lovely style and there is a guys one to be had too, both in his fat packs and the guys one I am so going to wear also in the future, us girls get the best of both worlds wooooot.

Now it seems that Miss Grazia Horwitz that many of you will know from Second Style/More than meets the eye, has gone and opened up her own store, YAY! it is called Grapevine and she makes shapes and POSES, and all the poses I have used today are some of the Debut and the Cecile-named after the Dutch new up and coming Model-the poses are lovely as well as some fantastic sits, so yay Grazia all the best in your new venture, make sure you go and check those out.

Ok I hope you loved my trip to Japan and there is sooooo much more to show you I promise.

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Poses and Stands (most often used)
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.