I was spending some time with Tori Heart today the fabulastic Manager of BareRose . We were testing out the NEW sculptie Lip Gloss attachments that you can find in the Newness section of BareRose and are a whopping 25L for 4 lol .

Now these were created for windlight and earlier today I didnt have windlight installed as it never works for me…but at 25L why would you wait for pics when you can check them out for yourself. I was admiring her outfit which is shown at the bottom of this post and then of course she changed into something else, which I ended up drooling over as well.
So aside from the fact that Tori and June and Koko spoil me silly all the time, off I went to BareRose to do some shopping.
It had gotten wayyyy past my bedtime by this stage, so I of course stayed up lol. So here is the big post of BareRose fabulousnessness- actually come to think of it, I think I have done bigger.

This first set Messenger of Light I remember seeing on What’s New and just thinking YUM! but didnt really have a reason to wear it, but tonight I did lol; I got to wear it to take pics for you.

This set is another one of those OMG out of the box items. You know the ones, where it was so good on the vendor pic you just had to have, and then you get it home put it on and nearly faint because its even better.

As its BareRose, there are more options than you see here, as in three sets of those incredible wings, these are the simple set, there are also particles and planets , but they were a bit too busy for pic taking. You get the simple-has no clue why June calls anything this beautiful simple, but I think its June-speak for white- and Blue tops with skirts to match and the divine collar ruffles. Can we talk PLUNGE!.

This set reminds me yet again of Xanadu, June does that at least once every 6 months creates something that is just so that movie I cant help but Squeel-I know its not really anything actualy worn but I can imagine that the Muses looked like this in that cloudy place. Ok so not only do you get the sexy dress and the wings, but also that lovely heart shaped necklace and wings pendant…but for a moment, Honestly can you actualy focus on it, because DAYUM look at the cleavage Popfuzz gave me.

I was already in love with the make-up on the Dark Bronze Future Silver skin, but my goodness I might wear plunge all week now- and I swear on a stack of tim-tams I didn’t change my cupsize. I am telling you, if the face pics didn’t do it for you, you have no reason now not to go get those DEMOS at Popfuzz designs, and as its still only sunday in her country you are still able to take her up on the first skin at 200L . Back to the outfit though, even without wings its a stunning look, in the all white or the blue enhanced, this is a set that makes you wish SL had black lights lol.

The shoes are the lovely AC Serenity shoes in silver/white, and unlike the Vintish these have a pointed toe and were Aphrodites first release, and so beautiful. I didn’t get a close up pic, but here is the OnRez page so you don’t even have to tp lol. The hair is the lovely Aimee that is also one of the first Hair styles by Maitreya, that I actualy wore all day today in the black-I love this style.

This next set is called GL Gungirl, and is the outfit Tori changed into. Now she doesn’t know this lol but the whole reason other than the Delish tartan skirt that I ran to grab this set was for of all things the socks.

Yes I know, I’m a goof. But seriously I havent ever seen the sheer ribbed socks like this in SL before and I loves them, had to have*makes gimme gimme fingers*. Of course again being Bare Rose there are many more colours in this fabulous tartan skirt, but I was so not prepared for the wicked chaps that also come with.

The whole set and look is raunchy and also the naughty June added a not filled pair of chaps too, for the even nawtier. I just love all those bows on the legs and the cuffs at the wrists, all I need now is a saloon-Oooo I have one in my paradise blanket Yeeehaa.

Now as you can see in the pics and you can click it to see the socks close up too lol, I went a bit skin nuts, I started out with the MMsPale Gray skin by Minnu Model Skins, as it was fresh and clean looking for my little tartan school girl look.

Then realising that this was not exactly a school girl set as such, I did a 360 and put on the awesome Chai Vedette Skin by Launa Fauna, this was actualy the free skin we were all blessed to get in 15# issue of Second Style Magazine….and as I was on an LF Chai roll- hee hee sounds yummy doesnt it- I went for a group gift skin that Launa sent us when she first started making skins, and it’s called Brisque, both of them are in the honey tone and delightful.

Not to let my hair be outdone by my skins lol I did the same there too, all from ETD though so alot less complicated. The pigtails/bunches style is called Emily, under the hat is a no bangs bun which are always great for hat wearing, and the last style is Bonita thats in the discount section and the style that got me hooked on tawny texture.

The shoes were 1L from Celestial studios and were stumbled across one lucky day, and then when I went to take some friends to get them, they had vanished-they were definitely supposed to be one L also as they were set up in her doorway with their own I am not actualy sure if Starley even sells them or not now, but they are my fav chunky mary-janes.

Lately June of BareRose has been doing some incredible lingerie amongst her creations, and for those lingerie lovers its so worth buying the set to grab them from within.

This is the Black Cupid and Lingerie set, and it does have a white purer version sold seperately. Now as you know June usualy does lots of colour choices, but with her lingerie set, well this one anyway lol.. she has gone a different route.

Instead of having lots of different colours of the same items, she has made the same items with lots of different degrees of sheer. Best way to explain that is that this set you cant see my nipples-and luckily wont ever- but had I worn one of the other versions you did, slightly more each time I changed layers. I love this not only from a buyers perspective but definitely a bloggers.

I adore the option of open and closed skirt front too as I think that can be incredibly seductive, and the lace and detailing on the individual lingerie pieces are wonderful. The prim and Sculpties are also beautiful, especialy the delicate wings. The shoes are the divine and sexy Natasha shiny Black shoes by Tesla, which come with thin ankle straps that you can choose to wear with or without….a better picture of them here from Tesla’s blog- it’s 4am I totaly wigged on shoes close ups tonight :o( sorry.

The hair is Cameron from Random by Garbage Prototype and is a beautiful style, I love parted on the side and front swept bangs, and the side cascading waves are just yummy. The skin is from Minnu Model Skins and is the MMSPalenf Aero-ok does any one else giggle that her name is in her pale skin name?.

I decided to go with a touch of evil with my lashes in this pic and its hard to realy make out but I am wearing Nuclear BoutiqueTotal Glam red tipped lashes, seriously I love Ari so much the girl is a gem, if you haven’t met her but love her creations ,IM her and ask her where is your complimentary bottle of wine* giggles coz I am so into starting that rumour again this year.

** ok seriously I just reached my level of OMG its 4.13am so I am going to take a nap, I’ll be back to finish soon, hmmm ponders for a sec deleting the last two pics and doing them later and posting this now *insert jeapordy music here* nope I’ll be back later *smooches for now***

*Stretches* Ok Im awake again now, did you miss me?, seriously lack of sleep can lead to some very strange dreams.

lol but now that I drag up this picture, my last dream being centred around an old high fallutin school makes more sense.

This omg so cute set is called Steam Rocket Ride and is of course by BareRose. I mean look at all the incredible variations to the one set, you get the three colours and each colour has all the same options in jacket and pants and skirts.

The incredible little suitcase comes with also, and when I was little I had one just like it to carry my dolls clothes in. The incredible detailing on the cuffs and the beautiful cameo neck collar are again superb pieces that you would be able to incorporate into other looks. The Jackets, Skirts and Pants are just superb and the right colours for this kind of clothing, that can be modernised with some other additions you make.

In the skins I was going for a young fresh look and realised that Catherine in this outfit looked a touch way too young, I always say though she looks like Pandoras little sister and nothing is more evident than when you see them both in one pic. Both the Catherine Claddagh and Pandora Starry are from Adam n Eve, so go and grab those Demos. I also went for the Stacey braids style hair from Adam n Eve as its just adorable and cute, and I really like the thin braids coming down the front, as it shows with the fullness of the bangs that there isnt much volume to the length in the style.

The shoes are both by 1800-Betties, the hardest store in SL to find as for some reason its never on search; and if you dont have items and look up creator you can never find it lol. I adore the detailing and realism of the vintage styled shoes, the Sandal Pumps in brown and the Slingback shoes in white are both really great, and the scuffed heels on the sandals is great for showing that these shoes are well loved.

Lastly the dress that started it all , the Simple Latex dress is the one that Tori tp’d in wearing and its so simple but truly stylish for those latex is crafted with some interesting attachments so that it stays figure hugging without being texture skirt based.

The colours are amazing look at the metalic on the right, instant lust for that texture, you will definitely wow at any event in this dress and the top can of course be worn with so many other things. There are four colours in total and you also get the delicate chained cross necklace that is sculpted for a bit of jewelry .

I also opted for dressing the black version up with some pearls from Sue Stonebenders store, which are the Chatelaine collections, single strand pearls, bracelet and drop earrings. If you don’t know Sue’s Jewelry you most certainly know her Pianos and work at the incredible Relic sims, built with her partner Baron Greyson.

The shoes I am wearing are fab for wrap-around shoes, its so hard to get that right in SL and these are yummy. They are by Mary Jane shoes and called IM Promiscuous by Infiniti Mirihi , I love them and wear them so often lol.
The hair is the Ember Exclusive Colour by Here Comes Trouble, another favourite in the side swept bangs style, with a lot of volume and height, wonderful for adding accessories to, like all the gorgeous Hair Roses by Essentia.
The skin I chose for this dress is the Aurora in Bronze Make-Up 1 by Fleur, the incredible turquoise eye make up is stunning as is of course the rest of the skin. So remember DEMO DEMO DEMO and if you happen to be reading this and less than 30days in SL- how old you are is in your profile- then make sure you run straight over as just inside the door on the right is the New Resident Vendor , just click and it will give you a Vivant skin in all tones for free, left side of your Male.

For this post I used poses from everyone nearly lol some Juicy, some Grapevine, I think even some Posuer and definitely Digital Dragon Designs– love the little miss look at my bum pose- I really hope you enjoy this post and head to all the places I mentioned, and have a wonderful day/night.

xoxox Sasy xoxo

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Poses and Stands (most often used)
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.