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JD Cruel Colours

JD Cruel Wedge


JD Cruel Wedge 2

JD Cruel Lace

JD Cruel HUD

Elyse 1

Elyse 2

I always feel like I am sending coded love messages when I wear Exile Hair, the names which are usually always songs, when written altogether often seem to be a whole story. All three styles today are just lovely when it comes to showing off the beautiful new dress from Zaara. This dress has a prints pack and a plains pack, but honestly I see nothing plain about them. The dress is a delight, and I would even go so far as to say that the white would be wedding worthy under the right setting. Bare foot on the beach with just your closest of friends on some tropical island, oh look theres one just a sim or two over —-> hee hee. We really do not suffer for great tropical locations in Second Life.

The prints pack is also a delight, and the soft roses on the sheer fabric that cascades down the back of this dress, are just wonderful….fantastic use of materials in mesh too, because even though it is sheer, it is only sheer at the bottom which means you will not have any issues with alpha in your hair, unless of course your hair goes down past the waist band tie.

The ribbon like tie is also just charming, and even if not walking down a sandy aisle, it definitely has date night all over it. The beautiful shoes worn with are the Cruel shoes by JD, these are at this months collabor88 and come in a lovely range of colours that actually compliment the dress colours really well. The fat pack has a huge amount of options, not only can you of course skin match to many preset skins from brands as well as a great RGB and Colour Screen option, but then you have a shoes setting page, which allows for changing of colours, the wedge colours, and the different lace options, which you can also colour and hide and show. I will say I do prefer them without the lace, but there may be a time when the lace works with a different look. Definitely worth trying the demo of, and YAY for the grey colour.

The skin is the wonderful Elyse skin by Tuli that is at Skin Fair 2013. There are two separate packs, one is Elementary my dears, and the other is Sultry. The super stunner Whimsy Winx is going to show you Sultry over on her blog today HERE. We decided that seeing we were both doing the same skin to split it between us, that way you get to visit two locations, fun fun fun. The lipsticks Whimsy also shot, because I was having rezzing issues, so just as well we were shooting the same skin after all, or I’d have had to wait a few hours for Sl to not be silly. The skins come with 4 brow options, on the skins, and five eyeshadows also on the skins, as well as dimples options, included on the skin – oh Tuli how I love thee. The lipsticks are on tattoo layers boxed in with the packs, so they are chock full of great colours in matte and gloss versions. So get on over there and demo demo demo Elyse, she is just beautiful.

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:

Adorakable Poses 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Elyse – Tuli @ Skin Fair 2013


Catch my Breath, American Woman, Part of Me – Exile 


Aamani Wrap Dress – Zaara 


Cruel Wedge – JD @ Collabor88/March


Mesh Hands – SLink