Sasy Syren – erare project March 1st

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erare project video

Sasy Syren - erare project

It has been months of work, but finally tomorrow the NEW .erare project will be opened. The erare project is a concept by the founders of LeLutka and Celoe, and will be a permanent fixture at Mayfair – a floating fixture to be precise. Thora Charron has created the first Syren series for erare, and for anyone that has ever wanted to be a mermaid, or for that matter is already a mermaid, this release is not to be missed.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of this amazing collection, and each syren in the series has its own story to tell. These are no ordinary mermaids either, these girls can not only take on an occasional wayward sailor, but a whole battalion would be at their mercy. The syrens, come with everything you see except the skin, but the shine and body layer of colour, is actually a tattoo layer that is included. One is with shine and one without, so you can achieve the desired effect with any skin, even those that are more fantasy like than the regular skin tones.

The hair is incredible, each Syren has hair that goes with the colours of her ensemble, and the hair flows beautifully in water. It also has seaweed through it, that I just love the overall effect of. I have mentioned in the past many times that I am a Pisces, so this release is my bliss for sure. Not only do you get the marvelous, hair, the tail, the fin and bra like top…but there is also a top that leaves the breasts bare, in case you have other needs in that area. Then you have optional flexi pieces for the arms and legs that move so beautifully through the water, as you can see hopefully in the video I shot earlier today.

Thora has thought of everything, for those that are going into this for the first time, there is even a basic Mermaid AO, already allowing for lovely hovers and swims, so that you can start off right, but note that because this is mesh, your own AO’s will still work, so if you have great swims, wonderful hovers and stands you love, they are still all usable. Then also included is a tail HUD. The HUD is designed so that you can change the angle of your tail as needed, so that when using other poses or posestands, you can move it at an angle that may work better with tail. It also has a tail animation, for when you are just idling.

There are 8 Syrens, so you are going to be able to gather up all your friends and make an adventure of it, and with the fantastic abilities people have in Second Life to make things such as this their own, in a unique styling way, there are endless possibilities. Also locations to play with them can be fun to create too. Today I took some above water rocks I had, and sunk them, then grabbed one of the Lotus Water Temples that are perfect for this, and sunk that too, so now I have my own little mermaid home under the sea. I hope you enjoy the video, and the picture, the picture is deeper than the actual colour in the erare I am wearing, yay PS, but I just loved playing with it. I hope to see you all in the water tomorrow, look for me splashing about :).

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Lotus Water Temple Grotto – W.Winx 

Poses by:



Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Lana – Glance 

Pretence Syren – erare by Thora Charron (Opens March 1st 2013)