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It is New Head time, with the about to be released Sadie by LOGO  – be sure to join their subscriber so you can be first to know of the release time. Not only is there a new face, but so many new features this time around. First off the big excitement is the NEW Expressions. That is right, not only do you have the ones from last time, but a few others have been added, as well as a very incredible ability to use the upper and lower of each expression separately. So if you like the eyes from one, but the mouth of another, you can click those areas on the hud, and they will change for you….BRILLIANT!

I did a pic of all expressions as they come, as well as my favourite upper and lower combination on the larger pic in the mix. When I was little I thought that Hope from Days of Our Lives was so beautiful, and still do, but she had this awesome skill of raising one eyebrow at things she was suspicious of, or when Beau was being naughty. I used to try so hard to do that in RL, and now I can do it in SL.

The HUD is now much larger, because it also has the hair bases, and everything else going lengthwise along the hud. When it is minimised it is on the far left of your screen. Now please note, if you wear any other HUDs on that side of your screen, the invisible size of the LOGO Hud may be sitting over the top of your existing ones, so even though you cannot see it overlapping, your other huds may appear not to work, just go into edit and move them out of the way, or of course detach.

The other thing I love about the HUD is that it is MOD, which means you can make it larger if you need to, as it makes it easier to read/see. The reason that it is MOD, is the other great thing, this time around, instead of buying add ons and having to wear additional HUDS for make ups, you actually buy the add ons and you will get scripts. Then you rez the HUD to the ground and add the scripts to the HUD. Make sure when adding ones that have tones included, that you only add the tone you wear, otherwise you will have issues with matching to the skin on the face.

Another new feature, is that there are separate ears for this head, meaning that if you don’t want them sticking through some close to the head hairstyles, you can just not wear them, and no one is the wiser. Or if you wear something like the mesh ears by Mandala, you can wear them no problem as well. The airs are rigged, so you won’t be able to modify them, but you do get three different options included.

Now aside from the technical aspects, Sadie is just lovely, her mouth is gorgeous, and overall she has enough vava voom to really make her a must have. So if you were holding out when Chloe came about, now is the time to go and try both faces and see which one you prefer.

The stunningly beautiful hair I am wearing , is Josephine, the new hair by LeLutka inspired by the 1920’s. I love the fashion and just the overall attitude of women of the 1920’s. Well the images that are of course portrayed through movies, and articles etc. It just seemed a real time of strength and conviction, but all the while keeping that feminine allure. This style while mesh is not rigged, so it can be resized if needed, and will just look adorable with hats and fascinators I am sure.

Even though inspired by the 20’s I decided to go all sexy rawr with the clothing. Starting off of course with these hotter than hot leather skinny pants by Maitreya. I got at least 3 IM’s about these pants after the recent Night Life release, IMs of love and adoration for them, and no wonder. The pants are stunners, the style accentuates the curves of the hips and bum so well. The leather is top notch as always with Maitreya, and the zipper detailing is superb.

Also worn with the Shiki platforms that I did a post on earlier than release HERE. I love that these shoes are not rigged, because when wearing pants with tight cuffs, you need sometimes to be able to move the shoe around, and with the help of height offset, it doesn’t effect how you stand.

The tops I am wearing are from DCNY and Tee*fy at Collabor88. The DCNY off the shoulder top, is part of a dress set, you get the dress and the top included, which is awesome. I like the turtleneck aspect of the style, with bare shoulders and cropped length it is a great contrast. The dress and top also come with tango breast appliers, so rawr for that.

The Polly tucked blouse is part of this months Collabor88 by Tee*fy, and is such a pretty blouse that has optional peter pan collars. It is designed to fit well with high waisted items, such as the high waisted short skirt also at C88, but I think that it looks equally gorgeous with these pants.

Lastly the new Variant cuffs by Epoque. These are beautiful cuff style bracelets that come on left and right wrists, and include a HUD, so that depending on what metal you purchase, you still get a contrast option with the other metals, so YAY on that as an option. This also allows you to wear both at once, and contrast one, and leave the other all gold as I did.

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:


Skin Worn:

Sadie full mesh head system & skin – LOGO 


Josephine – LeLutka 


Leather skinny pants – Maitreya 

Open Shoulder top – DCNY 

Polly Tucked Blouse – Tee*fy @ Collabor88/February


Shiki – Maitreya Gold 


Variant Cuff – Epoque 

Mesh Hands – SLink